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Pronounced AN-noh DOH-mee-nee.

The Phases:
A culture and a people cannot be directly created in their finished state and so the world has been developed step by step through a series of phases. Each phase has an objective to move the development in a particular direction. In many cases it is not desirable to reach the destination of the journey, but rather to change direction before hitting the peak point.

In Phase 0, the Universe consisting of all of space and time was produced. This appears to be a feature of the reproductive cycle of God Almighty. There is no difference between God Almighty and the Universe, they are one and the same. When God Almighty was young he existed in the form of a Singularity and it exploded in the Big Bang suggested by Science. The reason was probably due to the God reaching maturity. It is clear from the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima that the Sun is indicated as an example of the original form, as a likeness of that form.

In Phase 1 the human and his civilisation was developed in various ways to try out a range of methods of self governance, and to develop a range of technologies. In this phase the main concern was the survival of the human race on the planet within the ecosystem, and to integrate with that ecosystem. The human race was developed from the hunter stage to the farmer stage. A wide range of histories were developed to provide examples for future generations to learn from and to choose between. The planet itself was also developed and stabilised and many other kinds of creatures would have been tried out prior to the human race, and there were also varieties of humans that were developed. Much of what occurred would have been natural with God Almighty choosing profitable lines of development to promote the continued existence of species through specific adaptation to changing environmental conditions. As the Universe is God Almighty there is an inherent degree of intelligence in the sense that much is known from other planets that were developed previously and this lends an attraction for some pieces of the puzzle to fit more easily. The laws of physics and nature have their own development and drift toward constants that create a non-biological ecosystem throughout the Universe which has also stabilised. On other worlds other creatures will be more suited to survival depending on the environment that prevails there, and so different choices may be made. There may also be creatures that live in space itself that are not associated with planets or their environments.

In Phase 2 we reach the point signified by the birth of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the Anno Domini period. The purpose of this period was to develop what has been called Western Democracy. However it is the culture and the Science as well as the development of technology that this refers to. Although not entirely clear, Jesus Christ was an important part of this development. The final point in the development of Phase 2 was the Atomic Bomb. Like the Sun the Atomic Bomb is a direct expression of the nature of God Almighty. Specifically it is the Will of God being done on Earth as it is in Heaven where the result is a star. The mushroom shaped cloud is the image of God, but like the Sun it is only an image, a likeness of limited magnitude. It is also the case that this is the image of God presented to creatures that live on planets with gravity and an atmosphere and the Atomic Bomb conveys the power of God in a form that such creatures can understand. It is perhaps disturbing that the Lords Prayer asked for this to happen. In praying for the Atomic Bomb, we were also praying for the development of the culture and the Science capable of proving itself worthy of evoking God himself to visible manifestation. The Atomic Bomb has signified the end of Phase 2. As a result the Lords Prayer has achieved it's purpose and must be either discontinued or modified, and will be when it is understood by the people. It has some existing value because what it refers to should be present in some form within the existing culture.

We have now moved to Phase 3 but the people are still in the process of becoming aware of the change of direction. Many of the structures of Phase 2 are nolonger needed as they have achieved their purpose. Phase 2 was heading in the direction of the development of the Atomic Bomb. Phase 3 now heads in a different direction. The Messiah of Phase 3 was Jesus Christ. His position on the Cross of Christianity signifies his power, the Cross itself is the Atomic Bomb, and he is shown upon it to indicate that both Jesus and the Cross are the Atomic Bomb which itself is an expression of God Almighty. The association of Jesus Christ and the Cross appears to signify the perception of Atomic Power and the notion that Matter and Energy are interchangeable. It is not truly possible for a man to become God Almighty, yet he can become a fragment of God. The significance here is associated with the human brain. The purpose of Phase 3 is to develop the human brain - instead of the Atomic Bomb. As the previous Catholic Religion was dedicated to the development of a culture that would lead to this result, they now have the problem known as Apostasy which signifies that a clear change of direction is needed. The Holy Trinity may provide them with a solution and they may survive if they can adapt. The Holy Trinity is to be seen as a description of the layers of the brain and some of the descriptions make it clear that the brain is indeed being referred to. An aspect of God Almighty is within the human brain, just as the human is within the brain of God Almighty.

In Phase 4 which lies in our distant future, the concern will be for the development of the spirit or soul of the human, most probably that which makes the dead matter live. Just as the Messiah of Phase 3 acted throughout Phase 2 to bring the world to the Atomic Age, so too the Messiah of Phase 4 acted throughout Phase 3 to bring the world to the point where Phase 4 could begin. Phase 4 can only begin after Phase 3 has achieved it's goals, but it's foundations are already being laid. At that point the population will generally be much like Jesus Christ and have similar power. However it is clear that the Messiah of Phase 4 whose presence will be a disturbance throughout Phase 3 was none other than Adolf Hitler the man who personally caused World War Two. The result of this phase will be either Angelic or Demonic and may well be both. The human race will develop into a generally non physical form, a form that will transcend the physical world. Not much can be said as the future can only be forecast. Just as the world was not grateful for Jesus Christ, it was also not grateful for Adolf Hitler. Just as Jesus Christ became more popular after his death, so too the popularity of Adolf Hitler can be expected to increase.

A Male Religion:
Having created Western Democracy only half of the required culture has been produced. With the change of direction a definite hostility has been developing between the male and the female of the species. World War One and World War Two indicated the general period during which this change of direction occurred. These wars were very actively producing some of those changes, one of which was the Atomic Bomb. By the end of WW2 women throughout the world had gained the right to vote. Since that time the concepts of feminism and equality have developed further. These changes have occurred to the Western Democracies but have not resulted in inclusion as it may appear, they have also produced exclusions. While the cultures have been refined into more of what they are, it has become clear to about half the population that they are not able to fit in to this changing picture. Furthermore it has become clear that Democracy in particular has been favouring the female of the species almost exclusively. The culture is producing a role reversal which is trying to favour the females to the same extent that males were favoured previously. This shift is actually correct and appropriate but now requires the development of an Autonomy as a complementary culture to combine with the Democracy which will support the male of the species predominantly, so that Democracy can continue to support the female of the species. It's clear from this that there is some degree of truth in the idea that Men may be ruled by a different law to that governing Women, but there will be more of a mixture than a direct gender split.

Anno Domini is named after God Almighty. The term refers to a year, which is a feature of planets that orbit suns, so the term is terrestrial. It is specific then to creatures that live on planets and it refers to the overall culture of those people. This exists in two parts the 'A' and the 'D'. The 'D' refers to Democracy, while the 'A' refers to Autonomy. While the Democracy has now been fully developed and is well understood by most of the people, one of the tasks of Phase 3 is to develop the Autonomy system for the 50% or so of the population now disenfranchised by the final form that Democracy has taken. The nature of the males and females of the Autonomy is fundamentally different to those of the Democracy, but a degree of interchangeability does exist. The current form of the present culture is that of a Bell. While it's shape is that of the 'D' the 'A' as the active part only becomes present when the Bell is struck, and appears as the sound of the Bell responding as a result of having been struck. The Bell that rings thus represents the power of God Almighty because it then combines the A and the D. The Autonomy in it's undeveloped form has a tendency to strike Democracy much as the hammer of the Bell, with the result of shock waves travelling through the Bell. This is not ideal from the point of view of Democracy which doesn't really like nasty shocks. The requirement is to develop Autonomy as a system and to fit it into the Democracy without the two coming into conflict.

The main concern of Anno Domini is then to be a religion to support the people of the Autonomy and not those of the Democracy (who are already well supported, by Freemasonry for example). It is to develop 'Autonomy' as a system of culture that can become complementary to Democracy but it's primary concern are the religious aspects of that. In doing so it must also develop the culture of the male of the species so that he can become complementary to the female of the species (or at least complementary to the Autonomous female of the species). Although the female of the Autonomy may also require some development this is seen as less of a problem, and here the nature of God Almighty is masculine and cannot be as helpful to the female as it can be to the male. It is necessary therefore to distance the female from the Anno Domini religion such that it can only legitimately be accessed by such a female through the patronage of a male 'Dominist'. The term is appropriate and specific to the Christian religion where it is termed Dominionism but here we have a lesser form. The male of the species is the dominant religious figure (not just on account of his being male but also because of his religious tendencies). It is the male who will access and understand the religion, which will be the product of his study or attendance. If the female wishes to participate in the religion she must associate with a male Dominist who becomes her patron with regard to authorising her access. In a family group the wife may accompany the husband, son, brother, or lover. The religion requires that a male be present to allow a female to be present and the two are associated if only temporarily. Such a man may even be a five year old child who could act as the patron for his mother or sister. If a man gives information about the religion to a woman it is only on the understanding that she becomes associated with him as a Dominist of the religion. Such a female may then pass that information on to another female only on the understanding that the second female must then also be deemed to have become associated with the original Dominist who provided that information. So a wife taught by her husband may teach her daughter, who is then also associated with her father. A female can only access the religion by way of the patronage of a male Dominist, however some females might gain knowledge through other means, which is then not considered to be legitimate, but it is not forbidden. Such access might be gained by females of some other religion who do not wish to be associated with a practitioner of Anno Domini, or who may wish to evaluate the religion before agreeing to such an association. A Dominist should not become a patron of a female who is married to a different Dominist as this would give rise to conflict. Some exceptions may occur but as a result the female would become associated with two Dominists and this could only occur by an agreement between the two Dominists (mutual support, sickness, brothers, or simply friendship between the two Dominists).

It's clear from this that information about the religion is not conveyed in a public setting where females may hear what is said. If the religion is thought of as being secret, this secrecy only applies to withholding information from females. While information may be passed onto males who are not part of the religion it can only be done so if the man being spoken to understands that the information is not to be given to females. Obviously a follower of the Anno Domini religion will be a male known as a 'Dominist'. Such a male may signify his religion by dressing in white if he chooses. It is also presumed that entering a place of worship within this religion will also require the male to dress in white (including his shoes). The female may be taught to dress in this way if she accompanies her patron, depending on her understanding. While it is an obligation for the male within the church building, it is not an obligation for the female accompanying him. Younger males who are considered to be children and are accompanied by their parents may dress in typical clothing. A females access to this religion is only through a male, and the male offers this as a privilege.

Anno Domini is not exclusively a male religion but it is a religion in which the male comes first. There are a wide range of reasons for this. Phase 4 will see the development of spiritual techniques that utilise dark matter technologies. The general view is that while the genetic materials are mixed to produce the body of the child within the female, it is the male of the species who provides the initial motive power and thus the life of the child, who without it would be still born. The male provides this power and generates it within, the female does not. The expectation is that the female may not achieve similar results to the male even though she may follow identical practices and techniques. She is welcome to do her best, but must access this power via the male who has it. This is where the complementary aspect fits in. The reason why the female would associate with the male practicing this religion is to gain the support of his power as a product of his association with God. He may do as she requests, provided that his support is rewarded through her association. In this way the religion provides a bargaining chip to the Autonomous male which he can then use to attract females. Obviously this presupposes that the religion will provide something of value to the male and this must be from some form of increased association with God Almighty.

*The expectation is that this 'Introduction' can be provided to anyone (including females) as a limited overview of the nature of the religion, without any obligations occuring as a consequence. It serves to convey some understanding of the nature of the religion to those people who are curious about it.

Anno Domini is intended to be an active religion. Unlike the Freemasons it will not have designated ranks and the authority of the individual Dominist will be a direct product of his skill and personal power. It will become clear that one man may have more power or more ability than another and this will clearly mean that in any conflict the more powerful individual will prevail. Tests of power may occur but as feats of strength (in some manner). In some religions it is necessary for a number of men to direct their energies at the same time towards the same task and this is likely to be the case with this religion. Unlike the Freemasons this is not a religion based on initiations, and there is no intention to introduce specific forms of brain damage either through impacts on the skull or through the use of drugs. Phase 3 does have the intention of improving the brain but such improvement must be achieved internally by the practitioner himself. Clearly the view here is one of 'We can work it out', rather than the damaging 'Bang, bang Maxwell's silver hammer' style of approach!

The Nature of The Motif:
As a result of the Lord's Prayer God has appeared in manifestation as the Atomic Bomb. The basic symbol is that of the mushroom shaped cloud. This is the form that appears on a planet requiring gravity and an atmosphere to shape it. It is the lowest point of material existence and it's understanding was required due to the fall of mankind. The AD motif consists of the letter 'A' with a letter 'D' which is rotated anti-clockwise by 90 degrees, imposed upon it at the point where the bar of the 'D' aligns with the bar of the 'A'.

The image is conveyed to Christians in the form of the Christian Cross.
It is also conveyed as the Tau cross and this has similarity to the Ankh.
The image is conveyed to Jews as the Hanged Man, the path between Binah and Kether of the Jewish Kabbalah.
The image is conveyed to the Freemasons by the 'G' of their symbol when this is rotated to the East.
The image is conveyed to the Pagans in the form of Phallic Worship.
The image is conveyed to the Muslims in the form of the Star and Crescent with some modification/rotation.

The AD motif has been arranged such that it also directly represents the form of the mushroom cloud produced by the Atomic Bomb. Just as the form is a manifestation of God Almighty as a Trinity, so too the letters used to produce this form, also manifest the hallowed name of the God, which has also been taken as the name of this religion. God may have many names in many religions, but here he is called Anno Domini.

Like the Freemasons, Anno Domini is an Umbrella religion. Where the Freemasons are clearly supporters of Capitalism and Democracy, Anno Domini is a supporter of Academia and Autonomy. All of the above religions are therefore welcome to participate (as well as many others). This religion does not displace your existing religion it is to be added to your existing religious practices. An observant person might also discern the compound eyes and antennae of an insect within this form. Perhaps here God is referring to an Alien race of some kind?

The top most point of the 'A' represents 'God Almighty'.
The left leg of the 'A' represents the 'Good Principle'.
The right leg of the 'A' represents the 'Evil Principle'.

The overall form represents the Holy Trinity which embraces some aspects of the Cathar Heresy. The Cathars were rather confused about the true nature of God, and they made many mistakes for which they were condemned. The nature of God Almighty is that of neutrality. His ability to handle infinite power as a static stress, without movement, is the reason why he is great. The nature of the Universe quickly results in instability and this produces the Good and Evil principles in the world. The Evil here is not just bad, it is indeed truly Evil.

If the AD motif is rotated anti-clockwise by 90 degrees you may discern that it is like a flower. The Good and Evil principles are then like the Stamen and Anther of the flower. These are the sexual organs of God Almighty. Through the conflict between Good and Evil, God will reproduce and the child will be a form of neutral energy leading to the formation of a small Singularity which will be ejected from the Universe. This will become another God who will grow to maturity, and at that point explode to form another Universe so that the reproductive cycle of the God race can continue. It should be realised that reproduction in the case of God is through violent conflict, but in the case of humans it is a harmonising of the male and female. If the human adopts the method of God this can lead to conflict between males and females. If the God adopts the method of humans he will not successfully reproduce. What the God needs and what the human needs can often be quite different. We can see from this that the Good and Evil principles do indeed come from God Almighty and that the creation and expansion of the Big Bang has brought them into existence for a reason! I should add that if the Sons of God were to associate with the Daughters of Men that such an association would be violent (the minimum of which might be some form of abduction/coercion).

The question then arises: How shall we handle this Holy Trinity? For the normal human this is to be handled as a sequence, and the correct form is Evil > God > Good, the cycle then repeats. It can in some cases exist as Good > God> Evil a form usually taken by the Antichrist. The purpose of the Antichrist is to convey the Cathar Heresy usually as a duality. The Antichrist is an important religious icon and the true form (as there can be a number of them), has the purpose of conveying a choice between Good and Evil. Thus there are those people who will choose the Good Principle, while there are others who will choose to be Evil. Again the normal individual will try to balance the Good against the Evil but will include God Almighty as a resting point. It is God that can transform the Evil into the Good, but it is not directly observable and appears as non activity. Transforming Good directly into Evil is a skill that the human race have completely mastered.

A man is suffering from an ailment. In the first period he applies something to attack the disease. In the second period he waits. In the third period he applies something to help the body itself to recover. In the fourth period he once more applies something to attack the disease, and the cycle continues. It is God during the waiting period that transforms the Evil into the Good. As the cycle progresses he is carried forward by the Wheel and moves towards recovery. The Trinity here is much like The Wheel of Fortune tarot card.

In a conflict the enemy is attacked for a period. Then there is a ceace fire for the same period. Then for the next period the good people in the area are helped in some way. And then in the next period the enemy is attacked once more as the cycle repeats.

It is clear from the above example that one of the purposes of the cycle is to allow an enemy to experience what peace would be like, such that they might miss it when they are once more at war. Continuous conflict produces adaptation. The parties at war do not know what peace is like. If peace is achieved these people wouldn't like it as all they know is war. The cycle helps all the participants.

This cycle has a range of variation. The period of time is critical and may be of different duration from what you have chosen and this can lead to failure. It is not as reliable as implied therefore. Observation may be required to determine the correct intervals.

God Almighty appeared to the human race in modern times as the Atomic Bomb. Clearly this wasn't as communicative as the burning bush. It is a key belief, but is it true? For copyright reasons pictures are not given here as a proof. Although these could be recreated in an artistic way, doing so would be creating fakes. You are challenged to determine the truth for yourself, by acquiring photographs of Atomic Bomb detonations and making direct comparisons to a range of religious icons such as The Hanged Man, the Christian Cross, the Freemasons symbol, and many others. If your opinion is that this is correct then this religion is for you. It might be investigated in other ways using non visual data. If you disagree then you may be better off choosing some other religion.

Wearing white clothing has a general religious significance, but there are a range of other benefits. Although you may not agree with the belief stated above you should acquire a set of clothes that are completely white in colour, to include white shoes. This could be done by emulating sports attire so that people will think that you are a tennis player, or cricketer, to avoid religious connotations. You might dress as a painter or some other trade as a subterfuge. What effect does this have in comparison to another week when you were wearing different colours. Does it increase your visibility? How does it affect interactions with other people? What effect does it have on females?

In the case of the Trinity of Evil>God>Good or it's reverse, there are many occasions where this can be tested. In some cases (such as a Lottery) it may be ineffective - but would be fun to try. Each principle is to be applied for the same time period and the cycle needs to be followed a number of times. Can you show that in the case of a difficult problem, that applying two separate methods - one good, one bad, and then following this sequence for a number of times actually works better than just applying one solution?

* In general then, positive results are interpreted as meaning that you have some 'power' with respect to this religion. If negative results are produced then either you have no 'power' or our religion is false? Keep what works, discard what fails. Remember this religion is expected to be appropriate for only 50% of the population, and for half of the people no success will be achieved.

Important Points
- The world is progressing through a series of Phases and we are currently at Phase 3.

- The purpose of Phase 3 is the development of the human brain.

- Anno Domini is a male orientated religion that only includes females through individual male consent.

- Anno Domini supports 'Autonomy' as a hypothetical complementary system to Democracy.

- Autonomy and Democracy are implicit in the motif formed by the 'A' and the 'D' of Anno Domini.
- A practitioner of Anno Domini will be known as a 'Dominist' an aspect of Dominionism.

- The male of the species may signify his allegiance to this religion by wearing white clothing.

- Anno Domini is a secretive religion but there are no oaths and the Introduction here, may be given freely.

- God Almighty was made manifest to the human race in the form of the Atomic Bomb.

- The AD motif is developed from many religious icons that resemble the mushroom cloud.

- Anno Domini is an umbrella religion and is not a replacement for your existing religion.

- This religion is based on a trinity that includes the Good and Evil principles of the Cathar Heresy.

- The Antichrist is a important religious icon in this religion, showing both Good and Evil principles.

- It's clear from the above that Evil is not excluded, but the religion favours the Good.
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Re: ANNO DOMINI - A new religion

The Antichrist
The nature of the Antichrist has not been understood or conveyed correctly within the religion. This character is a religious icon and is often present in many eras. There appears to be a pre-Christian origin in the form of the Fool - King for A Day, that appears in May Day celebrations, although not much seems to be known about the character. The three aspects of this religion consist of God Almighty and the projection by extension of the Good and Evil Principles into the Universe, first discerned by the Cathar Heretics. These three aspects are considered to be cyclical in nature and the two obvious forms are Evil>God>Good, and Good>God>Evil. Good and Evil are opposite to each other, while God Almighty represents a higher genius able to utilise both. The Antichrist being a religious icon is important because it can convey a choice and can only do so by genuinely presenting true Good and true Evil to choose from. It presents a Dichotomy to the human race and divides them into two camps, or at least it tries to do this. The action of the Antichrist may be viewed as attempting to impose an unnecessary duality - by choosing either Good or Evil, the individual making that choice is then rejecting God Almighty. In truth both are required at different times. The nature of God lies in alternation.

How can God Almighty be both Good and Evil at the same time:
The Cathar's failed to understand this point and as a result they discarded God Almighty. That was a blasphemy. In our religion the Good and Evil Principles are represented in the AD motif by the legs of the 'A'. Now it should be realised that the cyclic nature of these forces rather implies their alternation. In a personal setting while the Catholic Church may have Confession and Absolution (the Sacrament of Penance & Reconciliation) for Anno Domini the requirement is to be aware that your actions may be Evil or Bad, and to atone for these by doing acts of Good by way of compensation, and in this way Good and Evil tend to alternate. It does not mean that a person may do acts of Good in order to enable them… to then do acts of Evil. The premeditation involved eliminates the notion of Good in such a case. The alternation of these two principles is the key method of being both Good and Evil at the same time, and there is a very simple proof - walking.

In walking the left and right legs are moving in opposite directions. The Evil leg is carrying the weight of the individual and is moving backwards, while at exactly the same moment the Good leg which is exalted above the physical plane, is moving forwards. At a certain point the god-like brain of the human switches the roles of Good and Evil to different legs bringing the Good leg down to the physical plane where it becomes Evil, while elevating the Evil leg above the physical plane where it becomes Good and thus both now move in the opposite direction than previously. The combination of Good and Evil organised and handled by the overarching intelligence of the brain then allows the individual to deploy both Good and Evil forces at the same time to propel themselves forwards in a single direction, which is both deliberate and intentional. The interaction between the Good and Evil Principles happens in a similar way and is controlled by God Almighty to produce the direction and progress that is required in much the same sense as walking does for humans. So God Almighty is moving in a single direction of his choosing but this is not obvious because sometimes he is using Evil and sometimes he is using Good, and is generally using both at the same time.

Who is the Antichrist:
The Antichrist is a character who conveys both the Good and Evil Principles but these are not expressed at the same time. The character may initially be Good and may then become Evil, or the character may initially be Evil and may then become Good. The transformation from one principle to the other requires the power of God Almighty to be present to make the change, and the nature of that presence can vary depending on whether the transformation is from Evil to Good which would obviously be viewed positively, or from Good to Evil which would certainly be viewed negatively because of the sinister nature of the outcome. This transformation also seems to suggests a head injury of some kind which is expected to be fatal, but despite this the individual either recovers or is ressurected in a way that is not really a miracle but rather some form of fake miracle. The Antichrist is the trickster, the Fool, the King for A Day, and the last of these does give the possibility of a stand in, double, or doppelgänger type of role. There are two Antichrists that are fairly obvious, and they are both called Paul.

St. Paul was dedicated to the persecution of the early disciples of Jesus in the area of Jerusalem, but while he was on the way to Damascus Jesus Christ (resurrected) appeared to him as a great light. Now it's suggested here that he fell backwards to the ground perhaps from the horse or donkey that he was riding. He then became blind for three days but was restored by Ananias of Damascus, who was associated with the Christians that Paul was dedicated to persecuting previously. Paul changed his ways and began preaching that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah and the Son of God. Now Paul was a very duplicitious character who was also know as Saul. He was Hebrew but also Roman, and Greek was his first language. He was either single or married or was married and became single?

St. Paul was an Antichrist following the sequence Evil>God>Good. He was originally Evil but became Good. The transformation included a flash of light and potentially a head injury or brain trauma. After three days he recovered and became the Good version of his previous self. 13 books of the New Testament are attributed to Paul and the Christian religion owes him a lot. Despite being an Antichrist the Good Principle that he conveyed after his conversion allowed him to establish the very foundations of the religion itself, and this is a very important fact. Christianity may well have faded into obscurity without Paul - and yet he was the Antichrist on account of his double nature.

This example is not recognised by the present religion, but it is correct and it shows that the Antichrist is rather like a Messiah (a faulty Messiah), one that fails to get the required oscillation between Good and Evil. So you have a self-excited oscillator that doesn't fire up, and instead gets stuck in one state or the other, but at some point it flips into the opposing state. The example below is also not recognised by the present religion and this is because the change of direction to Phase 3 has produced many changes that the current population are not aware of. This ignorance is hazardous and the people are unhappy to change and embrace new concepts.

Sir Paul was one of the Beatles and was generally the brains of the rock band. Now Paul was a very duplicitious character who was also know as James, and later in life has been known as Billy Shears aka William Shepherd or possibly William Campbell? He was born in Liverpool or Scotland in his later life? There is the general view that the original Paul McCartney died in a car accident around September or November of 1966, and was then replaced with a range of doubles. Some were able to look like the original Paul while others were able to sing like the original Paul but looked different. Eventually a double was found that looked similar who was able to impersonate the original and through the use of plastic surgery this person was made to look like the original Paul as well. This doppelgänger was then able to take his place so that the band could continue and so that the fans would not become distraught by his death. This has become known as the PID (Paul Is Dead) conspiracy and the replacement has been called 'Faul' (much like the original 'Saul' in the first example).

Sir Paul is an Antichrist following the sequence Good>God>Evil. He was originally Good but became Evil. The transformation resulted in the death of the original Paul, from a head injury. After a time he was miraculously resurrected in a fake miracle, and has since devoted his life to acting out the remaining life of the original character but in a rather sinister way. Unlike St. Paul who promoted Good and Christianity, Sir Paul has promoted Evil and Satanism and there is a proof of that. In the case of this character we must remember that the Antichrist is an important religious icon, and whether the above story is true or not, makes no difference as the duplicity between the former and the latter guy is still present and obvious. Even if the situation was the work of Satan himself, it would be God Almighty giving those instructions to Satan.

The Antichrist offers us a choice of Good or Evil to choose either runs the risk of denying God Almighty. However in the case of St. Paul, Christianity was the outcome of choosing the Good aspect, and clearly in the case of Sir Paul we too must also choose the Good aspect. But… what is it that we are choosing?

Just as St. Paul has given us Christianity, we must assume that the original Paul McCartney (the 1st i.e. James as opposed to Billy) has given us Anno Domini as a modern example of Chrstianity (in some form), but we must also assume that the 'replacement' Sir Paul has struggled to bring us Satanism. The value of the Black is that it allows us to see the White by way of the contrast between them. Another obvious point here which will be expanded upon later, is that the original concept of Prayer has now been replaced with the more active (yet apparently more passive) concept of Song. The people are not aware of this but their choice of music is having the same effect that prayers used to have long ago. When you listen to a song you are praying, and the lyrics of the song are the words of your prayer. Ignoring this change can produce very damaging results.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Abbey Road):
This was a song written and sung by Paul McCartney (the 2nd). The lyrics are not given here as that would be a breach of copyright.

Maxwell Edison was a student who in the first verse invites a female student, Joan out to the  pictures, but when she answers the knock at the door Maxwell uses a silver hammer to beat her on the head until she is dead. In the second verse Maxwell is back at school but the Teacher annoys him and at an opportune moment he uses the hammer to beat her on the head until she is dead too. Later after he is caught and is on trial, he creeps up behind the Judge and beats him on the head with the hammer until he is also dead.

In the first verse the female student is representative of the Brain Stem as the association is sexual. In the second verse the female Teacher is representative of the Limbic System of the brain where memories, the result of education are stored. In the final verse the Judge represents judgement which is a feature of the Cortex of the brain. The action of the hammer is such as to destroy all three parts of the brain.

The function of Evil is to kill (mostly for food). The purpose of Phase 3 is the development of the human brain. Smashing it with a hammer is the exact opposite thus Evil and anti-Christian, thus Satanic. This song is thus a Satanic Prayer, and the purpose of this prayer in a practical setting is to encourage school children to murder their teachers. This prayer has been effective and has resulted in two children stabbing their teachers with kitchen knives (although not hammers), the first of which died from the assault. The song has had an effect either on the children themselves or on their parents but is indeed the direct psychological cause of these crimes.

This is then, an example of the promotion of Satanism on the part of Sir Paul McCartney, and he is entirely responsible for producing this song and the results that it has had (and will continue) to produce. As a consequence we can see that the aims and intentions of the Satanic force at this time are dedicated to attacking the human brain and it's functioning by any means possible (and there are many).

Le Beast:
The Beast, an anagram of Beatles (albeit with a mixture of French and English). Not exactly what one might expect from the Biblical prophesies I guess, but then it's not really possible to predict the future. Religion in general also tends to suffer from a 'less than' effect. In general religions produce less results than the people hope for and this inspires their lack of belief. It's notable that Science produces exactly the kinds of results that people expect and this is one of the reasons why Science has gained more respect and more cedibility. The Beast had 7 heads with 10 horns:

1) John Lennon
2) Stuart Sutcliffe
3) Pete Best
4) Ringo Star
5) George
6) Paul 1st
7) Paul 2nd

The 'Beast' was close to getting the name right, but the correct name was Beatles and it was musical not political. Now this of course seems highly unlikely, except that we start running into coincidences. If I give the names John, Paul, and Peter - those are Apostles, not Beatles. "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ." (2 Corinthians 11:13 - St. Paul, a previous Antichrist), and that's an obvious coincidence. If we dig deeply on the internet we can of course find gems such as: "It’s blatantly obvious that nearly every English-singing pop band of the past forty years bears the mark of the Beatles." from Jesse Bowline, and that would be another one I guess. Then we have John's comment that the group was more popular than Jesus Christ, which would be the idea that they had replaced Jesus Christ thus Antichrist. Perhaps it's not as obvious as you might like, but isn't that what you might expect from a huge deception (wouldn't be very good if it was predictable, or if it followed a prophesy)?

Fire from the sky is another difficult concept as both the Beast and False Prophet are supposed to be able to call it down. These two could easily be called Lennon & McCartney, and I would point out that this would make John Lennon the False Prophet on account of the song 'Imagine' which is a prophesy - is it not? "fresh fever from the skies" is probably how Aleister Crowley would put that, but in the Christian sense it is the expectation of a comsuming fire that takes the sacrifice from the altar - which we haven't really seen in this case. The problem here is that firstly it is a False Prophet that calls down fire from the sky, and secondly he can't really do that if he is indeed a False Prophet. So we have the problem that a False Prophet is more likely to call down 'fresh fever from the skies' than a consuming fire, given that firstly he's a Prophet and secondly we don't really offer sacrifices any more. So this could refer to inspiration or information and that may be in the form of Songs/Prayers being composed?

So to generalise, The Beatles (Le Beast) is the Beast with 7 heads. John Lennon appears to have been the False Prophet. Paul McCartney - either version appears to be the Anti-Christ. Fire from the sky which is called down by the False Prophet and the Beast, is really a reference to the songs composed by the Beatles but especially Lennon & McCartney and is really 'fever from the skies' not the fire that a true priest would expect God to respond with. There is significant evidence if one turns to the Islamic version of the Anti-Christ known as 'Masih ad-Dajjal'. This has features such as disfigured eyes, which may refer to plastic surgery. Dajjal has problems with his eyesight but fortunately Paul McCartney, who has excellent eyesight(?), has produced a helpful "Paul McCartney teaches eye yoga", video. Dajjal will have particular influence over women - much like Paul McCartney especially the earlier version. As you might imagine this could just go on and on, and it's hard to make up such stuff.

But because Sir Paul - Is the Antichrist, we have the early Paul and his songs, up to around the end of 1966 that present us with the core prayer of the Anno Domini religion (which was a slip of the tongue on the part of God, who it seems is a Beatles fan).

The Lord's Prayer:
This of course doesn't belong to God Almighty, but actually to Cambridge University Press and requires their permission to quote it - not God's. The lowly dogs of Capitalism claim higher authority than God Almighty? Presumably if God wished to give this to us in English he would need to pay the University for the right to do so? How fortunate then that it is largely redundant at this point. The Lord's Prayer has some very serious problems and is no longer appropriate for the modern era. The prayer itself exists in two different forms and given the nature of the problems involved I would seriously advise the Catholic Church to adopt the shorter version Luke 11: 2-4, as it's words are less hazardous in the modern context. In the case of Anno Domini a different prayer will be offered to account for the change to Phase 3 but here I present a rewrite of the longer form:

[spoken by the Priest]
Help me Father of Paradise,
Creator of the Universe,
Bring us your traditions,
so that we may follow them,
on our world, as it is in Paradise.
Support us and nourish us.
Accept our apologies, as we forgive the sinner.
Lead us to that which is True and Good.
For your kingdom of Paradise,
has much Knowledge and Wisdom,
And will always be greater.
We can work it out.

[spoken 'Aggressively' by the Congregation]
We can work it out.

Ⓒ Shaun Savage 2015
Permission is hereby granted that the above prayer may be used and copied for any purpose what-so-ever without the need for any citation, provided that it is not changed beyond spelling corrections or font variations, or attributed to some other author. That it may be translated into other languages but only provided that the translating authority does not then claim copyright for their version and then try to bill people for quoting it.

In the original version 'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven' is a problem because in heaven it's done as the stars which on earth would be the Atomic Bomb, this being the manifestation of God Almighty to the people of Earth. 'Give us this day our daily bread' reads as 'Let us live' - don't kill us (the unemployed would interpret it differently I guess). The prayer fails to identify WHO God is and actually calls for ANY God who thinks that he has a great name. Not identifying the God could result in different people getting different Gods? Clearly a Satanic version could be written to summon any generic Demon who happened to be available at the time. 'Thy will be done' might then be interpreted as possession? Not just a call for the Earth to be possessed but possibly the individual as well. Possession of the earth might be viewed as an alien invasion. The original prayer was fine for the times in which it was written, and these modern ideas were not considered.

The actual meaning of the prayer is that it prays for the Atomic Age and the modern culture. The religion has generally attacked the existing culture. The Hebrews attacked the religion of the Egyptians, while the Christians attacked the religion of the Romans. Thus religion is associated with rebellion against the state or other states. The problem with this is the idea of the religion being in charge of the state, and this assumes that the human power is important, whereas God is greater and can generally do what he chooses irrespective of who claims to be in charge (which therefore doesn't matter much). So the idea of Christian Nationalism is poor, at best the idea is that an individual has the Autonomy to act in a way that he hopes is dictated by God, but only within his own personal sphere of activity. He dominates his immediate area and the people within it, in the name of his religion and God, but only to achieve his objectives. The 'Dominist' may curse the state to the extent of his alliance with God, some will have more power than others, the state may choose to listen depending on the reputation of the individual. It is that reputation that confers rank.

Clearly this is a prayer that should no longer be said, however saying so contradicts previous instructions and there are those people who will wish to persist in the old ways. For that reason I have given the version above which is an attempt to write it without the modern implications or interpretations of what it means, but God himself would have known what was being prayed for. The problem then is that the people were misled to a degree by the God himself.

The advantages of the rewritten version are: That it does not identify 'heaven' as space. That it says what God did, as a means to identify which God is being prayed to. That it does not ask an unknown power to conquer the planet! Not does it ask for the military exertion of force against us as a people. The term 'Give us' has been removed as we are not requiring a 'gift' but rather help and support targeted towards the poorer people who have a lack of food. God is not really having land to trespass upon, and confusing that with money instead is seriously bad as being in debt is not a crime. Furthermore it would be unwise to borrow money from God? Wiser though to apologise for stepping on his toes. Temptation is also problematical especially in the context of Anno Domini, likewise Evil is seen as necessary in some cases, the determination of which must rely on the 'truth' and achieving a 'good' result. God's kingdom is viewed jealously as something to aspire to but here it is twisted slightly for Phase 3 and therefore 'Power & Glory' are not the goal and so 'Knowledge & Wisdom' is targeted instead because the concern is to develop the brain (which is a change of direction). Forever and ever is here termed 'always' because our world can only be inferior. We cannot have 'A-men' as it appears to reference 'Atomic Men' and thus the Atomic Age, and because here the concern is for the brain the term 'A-men' is to be replaced with the term 'We can work it out' (and there's a good reason for that). The two weaknesses are that firstly, yes it is different, and secondly you would need to try to memorize this version instead.

The expectation is that this version may be used where a prayer that is spoken is required. It could be used for variety and it could be used in a public setting as it is not secret. It represents a correction to the dubious wording of the original so that such a prayer can still be given without accidentally praying for a Nuclear war, or Alien invasion. It takes some responsibility for the individual to work on his own problems himself and does not rely directly on delegation to an unknown/alien God.

But… this is not the prayer.

As given previously there has been a change of direction, and this was necessary. Prayers that are spoken are no longer said. Encouraging people to pray is archaic and the result is ineffective. The Rosary is still endorsed because of the Miracle of The Sun at Fatima and the association with the surviving Jesuits of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. The nature of the Rosary is thought to be a conditioning process affecting the mind or brain and this aspect is clearly within the Phase 3 direction. But prayers have been replaced with songs. The combination of music and words has produced a form that allows for the tune to remind us of the words, and the words to remind us of the tune. The result is often an automatic repetition of the song in our minds after listening to it for a few times. Although this seems to annoy some people it is ideal in the case of getting a prayer to be said regularly. The song can then be played to an audience given the required performance licence.

The reason why this article started with the Antichrist as it's main subject is because the actual song which is to be used as a prayer comes from the current Antichrist during the time when this character was representing the Good Principle, Paul McCartney the 1st prior to September 1966. The Lord's Prayer for the Anno Domini religion is the song:

We Can Work It Out, by The Beatles, written by Lennon & McCartney (the 1st)
It appears on the album called Past Masters Volume Two.

The words of this song cannot be quoted here as it would be a breach of copyright to do so. Instead I will try to give an analysis much as was done for 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'.

In the first verse there is a clear duality and a difference of opinion. The identitities are ambiguous but in this particular context it is taken that God Almighty gives the line 'Try to see it my way'. Given the ambiguity this might be the conscious mind addressing the brain, as it is the role of the conscious mind to do all the talking, but as that talking is to the rest of the brain and given the prospect of God appearing within the structure of the brain as a distributed hive mind, it might also be considered that the practitioner may be addressing God with the same line. This possibility is emphasised by the line 'We can work it out', the association of Man with God working together using the brain as the meeting point. The emphasis on co-operation is stressed here as an aspect of the religion. Not just between Man and God but also between others (to include females).

In the second verse there is an emphasis on what is said. That what you say may in fact be wrong, and that another may say something else which may instead turn out to be correct. It then suggests a discussion to work out who is right, that together a conclusion will be reached and then followed. In the chorus it is pointed out that life is very short and should not be wasted arguing, and that this arguing should be thought of as a crime. The suggestion is then made to reconsider whether or not you, or someone else, is correct. The remaining verses repeat the general theme

It is a fairly simple song/prayer arguing that the brain and it's thinking is the important issue. That we might get the answers by thinking about the problems more carefully in association with God. This song prays for the brain to improve and become more co-operative with the conscious mind. It hedges it's bets with respect to whether it refers to the practitioner addressing God, or whether God is addressing the individual, and it implies that either could be the case. Just as the Individual is very small while the State is very big, we have an even bigger God. It is difficult for a God to interact with a Man and it would be hazardous for a Man to interact directly with a God. In the brain the consciousness is isolated as the child of the cortex, however if the rest of the cortex was a part of the hive mind of God, then consciousness would be seen as the Son of God within the context of the brain. It's clear that the brain is the safest point of contact with the God and Phase 3 emphasises the development of the brain. It's clear that Man is associated with God because God uses the spare capability of the brain in it's present state of development. It should also be clear that in sleep the consciousness of the man contracts while the use of the brain by God expands. When the man wakes his consciousness expands into areas previously used by God, and the God may leave messages behind as a form of communication.

The expectation is that the song should be obtained in it's musical form (by paying for it) and listened to on a regular basis as a way of praying that is correct for Phase 3, using a prayer structure that encourages the brain to become smarter, and to consider the words of others, and to listen for the words of God. It does not pray for nuclear war, or to be conquered by some foreign power. It does not ask for us to be indoctrinated into some other races culture. It does not ask for Alien technology! Furthermore it asks for our own wisdom to be increased, and it asks for people to try to be more reasonable, especially with each other. It also prays for an alliance with God himself. Together 'we can work it out'. We should not underestimate the value of this on the basis of it's simplicity.

The Antichrist is said to be a deceiver who will bring a false religion. It is said that he will deny that Jesus Christ was God. Consider whether this religion Anno Domini, is such a false religion and whether I as it's writer may be considered to be such an Antichrist or False Prophet? What evidence is there to support such a view? If this religion works well for you and you believe in it, have you then been deceived? Consider what you believe and decide what you should do about that.

Investigate the PID - Paul Is Dead conspiracy theory. Try to find evidence that it is NOT so. What really happened here. Are the Beatles slightly Satanic? Did Paul McCartney really die of a head injury in a car crash, to be replaced by a double? Why would such a suggestion even exist? Why did one Bishop describe the John Lennon song 'Imagine' as "heart-chilling"?

Obtain the Beatles tracks: We Can Work It Out, and Maxwell's Silver Hammer, and listen to them. These should be paid for as our religion and the Autonomy system believes in copyright. Can you see that these two songs are opposites? What would be the psychological impact of listening to these songs over and over again? What do these songs encourage people to do?

* It should be pointed out here that calling Sir Paul McCartney the Antichrist might be considered libel in a legal sense. However those that believe this should be purchasing at least two Beatles albums (albeit second hand) in order to consider this in more detail and as a consequence the financial compensation for labelling him in this way is automatically generated by the people believing this - thus automatic compensation is generated on a person by person basis. So if I am guilty of something Evil, I have ensured that something Good happens in return to balance out the situation (in accordance with the requirements of our religion).

I want you to think very carefully about the words of the song 'We Can Work It Out'. Pay particular attention to the line 'We can work it out and get it straight, or say good night'. Here we have two options, either A) Saying "Good Night", or B) Getting it straight, and then NOT saying "Good Night". What is he getting straight? Originally the song is about the relationship between Paul and Jane Asher, so the implication is sexual. There are clearly euphemisms implied here. Given that this is a song to be listened to regularly as a prayer is it possible that some form of subliminal influence may be transmitted mentally (or perhaps sonically) to influence another person into a position of agreement? Investigate whether this is so. The song may appear simple but has hidden depths, and as a prayer it may also be expected to generate some directly beneficial effect for the individual listening to it on a regular basis.

Important Points
- The Antichrist is an important religious icon to be respected, but may appear in Good or Evil form.

- The Antichrist may be viewed as a failed Messiah who offers a choice between Good and Evil.

- The alternation of Good and Evil is similar to walking which is a defining feature of the human race.

- St. Paul was an Antichrist who was initially Evil, but who became Good after his encounter with Jesus Christ.

- Sir Paul McCartney formerly of the Beatles is pointed out as a modern Antichrist who became Evil.

- The Beatles are considered to be the Beast, while John Lennon is thought to be the False Prophet.

- Maxwell's Silver Hammer is a Satanic prayer that has resulted in school children attacking their teachers.

- The original Lord's Prayer when viewed in a modern context prays for things that might be bad.

- A corrected version of the Lord's Prayer was given to maintain a link with past practices.

- The new Lord's Prayer for the modern world is the song 'We Can Work It Out' by Paul McCartney (1st).

- Prayers are now expected to be in the form of popular songs and therefore some caution is required.

- The new prayer/song 'We Can Work It Out' can be expected to exert an influence.
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The Nature of Songs
In general prayers have now been replaced with songs, and songs can be used to store information within the structure and choice of words used. I think this is probably because modern recording equipment has allowed recordings of songs to be preserved in an audible format. As the music can be sold in a form which is an exact replica of the original both the music and the words remain exactly the same. This is not the case where the music had been stored previously as musical notation with the words given below the musical stave. Prior to that travelling minstrels would embellish both the music and words in ways of their choosing. Storing information within the music only works if the exact wording is preserved. The composer is being influenced by internal or external forces such that the correct secondary meaning is built into his primary intent. His mind is not his own. Collections of songs on albums are also interfered with to fix the order, choice, and sequence of the songs which then follow another imposed scheme that is used to add another layer of meaning and interpretation.

People are reluctant to pray. They will choose not to. In many respects people carry out the will of God directly in the things they do. It seems esential then for a God to direct them in some way, but yet preserve their free will. God says what is to be done, but he does not say who should do it. An influence is transmitted and the most appropriate person responds because they are able to, or because the message seems to be directed to them. The message has to be relayed person to person. Songs are transmitted, but would not be if they were prayers. Furthermore if the most suitable person is not religious or indeed not susceptible it doesn't stop a song reaching that person, and their subconscious mind will do the rest. You can see why other authorities might attempt to use the same process, and evil forces may do so as well. The effect here is similar to neurolinguistic programming (NLP). The song is the message's 'container' much like a video or zip file. The brain slowly extracts the content to see if it's relevant.

* As you can imagine it has taken many years of study to detect this scheme. To deduce what it was for, and then extract the information being concealed. Even now the level of encryption is still so deep that decryption can take many months just for one song.

I think it's important to realise that the conscious mind is new, and also very tiny. We are a very small part of our brains. While the conscious mind might be thought of as a microprocessor, the rest of the brain is rather like a mainframe computer. Our conscious minds exist to respond quickly, to make snap judgements and decisions, and those are often prompted by the rest of the brain on the basis of calculations that have taken many years to perform. The body has reflex action, and consciousness is like the reflex action of the brain. It is extremely limited, it has a low IQ, it has a poor memory system, and it constantly gets refreshed. In contrast the rest of the brain is deeply superior, but slow. The brain as a whole has a turn around time of about 10 years for typical problems, while the conscious mind can reach in conclusion in less than a second. The brain takes the entire ecosystem into consideration, while the conscious mind only considers itself. The conscious mind does not generally have access to the rest of the brain, but it is fed information intended for it. There is an encryption system that often simply reverses data before feeding it into or out of the conscious mind. Barriers exist between the two. There are structural differences and protocol differences, there is also a different language structure and words will often have different meanings. The brain has created a process that provides it with a second opinion deduced by an entirely different thinking method. It will often compare both evaluations. There is much scope then for the brain to directly influence what the conscious mind does, and it is the brain that has executive action - not the conscious mind. In many respects we have been set up as a kind of slave, but the suffering of a slave is not something that the rest of the brain would be able to do or understand. It doesn't make that kind of judgement. Much like a robot, it just does according to it's calculations. Where the rest of the brain may be viewed as a mainframe it may also function as a kind of server in some kind of network, and that in turn could act as the hive mind of God (at least locally). There are limitations and some brains are better than others.

The Jewish Kabbalah:
This is a scheme that consists of the symbol of the Tree of Life. It has ten spheres of influence arranged in three vertical columns. Each sphere is called a sephiroth and these are generally aligned with planetary names. There are paths that join the spheres to each other. The whole structure can be aligned with the human body to a degree. There is much argument concerning the origin of this system. In general my understanding is that this was turned to when the Jews lost contact with their God, so it is a way of making contact with God. However in the modern world it is considered to be Occult in nature.

The first significance of this scheme is that it appears to confirm the belief that God Almighty created the Universe. This is important as the Greek term Kosmos was originally understood to mean 'World' and so it was thought that God had created the world, thus the Earth which also seemed to be confirmed by Genesis in the Bible. However later it was understood that Kosmos should be interpreted to mean the Universe, but there are still arguments as to whether this is God or separate from God. The Kabbalah represents a superior source of information and appears to suggest the creation of the Universe. Anno Domini as a religion expresses the view that the Universe and everything in it is God Almighty in a very expanded form, in the context of the Big Bang argument of Science. So the Universe is a creature, and that creature is God, and God is in all things. A Jesuit view perhaps?

One dilemma is the notion of Heaven. In Scientific terms it may be considered to be space, or spacetime. In Religious terms it may be considered to be a kind of alternative dimension, as would be the case if Adam walked with God. If however God created the Universe, or indeed is the Universe, then whether Heaven is an external plane or Space itself the presence of God or even the Will of God on Earth must be viewed as hazardous. In Anno Domini the expression of the Will of God on Earth is the Atomic Bomb. The burning bush was a better form but the miracle here was not vaporising the entire mountain. We might also ask why God was hiding in the bushes? Given that God Almighty created the entire Universe we must try to consider how BIG that is and how much POWER is involved. This limits our association with God for very obvious reasons. The other point here is that the atomic bomb detonations changed the situation for our world - God is now present, where previously (the burning bush) he was distant. Having summoned God himself, his appearance at this point would tend to be more easily achieved, but with more risk involved.

The Jewish Kabbalah in many respects was a case of sending information to God. He has not generally responded. However there is an aspect that has resulted in a response, the Paths in association with the Tarot Trumps. Between the ten sephira are twenty-two paths, and each are assigned a Hebrew letter which in turn is associated with one of the Tarot Trumps. Sadly there is a wide range of disagreement as to which path is associated with which card. It seems that very few people who claim authority in this area actually know the correct attributions. Aleister Crowley for example gets it wrong and also switches around some of the Tarot cards incorrectly. His switching of '8 Strength' and '11 Justice' is incorrect for example. Perhaps this is why God has not generally responded to the Kabbalah as a system, much like the minstrels and their musical variations, a structure that is embellished in an ad hoc way cannot be used to store information. The reality here is that the Tarot cards themselves have always been associated with divination and one aspect of this is the spread, the way the cards are laid out. In practice the cards have structure that is independent from the Kabbalah and this structure does not appear to be generally known but because of this, a knowledge of the Kabbalah is not required. In effect it may be thought that there is a new Kabbalah here which might be deduced from the correct layout of the Tarot cards themselves.

The Tarot:
As above the Tarot Trumps represent the paths of the Jewish Kabbalah and it appears that the cards originated from the Kabbalah (the link seems more than just a coincidence). The cards are well liked and being pictorial are accessible to all peoples of all languages. The key feature here is the fact that the pictures are not generally understood and this has the value that they are not generally changed. In modern times many people have seen fit to try to interpret the cards their own way and then draw new pictures for them. Fortunately they claim copyright which is proof of the fake design. Today a number of different packs have to be consulted to try to determine the original pictures. In general terms the cards are numbered and these numbers tend to remain the same. As above some people like Aleister Crowley have tried to change the position of some of the cards - however the arrangement is that of the numbers not especially the cards themselves. The numbers are 0 to 21 and are obviously fixed, despite variations of design. As such the order and structure can be used to store information.

The layout of the structure is very important and again there has been a wide range of confusion. The notion of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm has led to the idea of dividing the cards through the 10 point. Thus 0-10 followed by 11-21 - let's not get into it because it's wrong! The structure that emerges is quite odd:

 13      11
14        10
15        09
 16      08
    17 7
 18      06
19        05
20        04
21        03
 00      02

As far as I am aware no one has published this structure. Notice that 01 at the bottom parallels 12 at the top. Notice also that the flow of values results in 7 and 17 being the only point that matches the inaccurate Microcosm/Macrocosm scheme envisaged by the average persons study. Given that it appears here the implication is of a link between the microcosm and the macrocosm and as '7 The Chariot' is a mode of transport while '17 The Star' (at least in Crowley's relocated view) implies travel to the stars - a kind of stargate? In a human sense it might be half man half God, or it might refer to resurrection? Much is unknown at this time.

In general not many of the cards have understandable meaning, but it is clear that '12 The Hanged Man' refers to the Big Bang creation of the Universe (or just prior to that as God himself), and it's parallel here is '1 The Magician'. You can see on either side of 12, '13 Death' perhaps representing Democracy and '11 Justice' perhaps representing Autonomy. Both of those are active and moderately evil. We might take the system back one step further and signify '14 Temperance' as Democracy and '10 The Wheel of Fortune' as Autonomy. You can see from this scheme that one card can be understood to a degree by studying the card parallel to it. Doing so also allows conversion of the values of one system to the values of another. 13-00 represent the physical, while 11-02 represent the personal/mental. One might also argue for a Wave Universe and a Particle Universe, one being cast into the future while the other cast into the past (not sure which), due to the fact the the Big Bang initially exploded faster than the speed of light and was therefore an explosion in time as well as space. You might then argue for the Present as a kind of spacetime bubble, and doing so then give three components to the structure. Consciousness would then be attuned to the 'Now'.

This scheme becomes important and useful because it is being used to store encrypted information, but that's fairly hard to prove. As far as the Tarot cards are concerned, because no one understands what they mean it is considered to be a redundant system. However, suppose there was a way to extract the exact meaning of each card?

The Nature of God:
God is a creature that existed originally as a Singularity. This grew to maturity and then exploded to form the Universe. The reaction could be thought of as puberty and is also rather like the blooming of a flower. The purpose of the expansion was to reproduce. The sex organs are the principles of Good and Evil as expressed within the Universe. It seems quite possible at this point that when a nuclear bomb is detonated it may produce a tiny singularity and eject it out of the Universe. If true there is the risk of punching holes in spacetime, and those holes may remain? God then appears to be fragmented or diluted. There is the sense of gathering up pieces of God (pieces of eight). Pieces of Osiris would be a similar Egyptian concept I guess. The God then exists in a diluted distribution throughout the Universe. As a result of this inherent nature it's quite possible that God exists as a hive mind linking the brains of all the people on the planet - perhaps with local variations in the nature that emerges. This is our connection to God and the reason why he has any interest in the human race. One of the important aspects of God is that he doesn't have a shortage of resources. In many religions you have to put something into the religious practices to get something back in return. This would certainly be true of Voodoo or Santeria, or the modern Santa Muerte. In the case of God Almighty however there is a continuous output of power, energy, and information without the requirement to submit anything in return. The format however is often very subtle and uses existing structures. The apple may fall from the tree, but first you have to have a tree, and then it has to grow an apple. We can also see dualities such as light being composed of particles or waves. The God is offering us a choice of two different varieties, and this is the generosity of God. Further more where there are limitations such as the speed of light barrier - necessary to preserve the structure of the Universe, it may well be the case that the alternative version offers a way to overcome such barriers - without destroying the Universe or breaking the Laws of Physics.

The Ten Signal:
This was discovered by accident and I'm not aware of anyone else disclosing this information. Initially it was thought to be a product of my own subconscious mind, but has since been found to be affecting everyone on the planet (although hard to prove). The boundaries of the signal have not yet been determined.

For every musical Album, whether pre-recorded, or a personal compilation, the first track will always directly represent the Tarot card '10 The Wheel of Fortune'. This is achieved through the manipulation of the minds of the population, which is extensive! All of the remaining songs on the album (which can be any album) will follow the Tarot cards in chronological order, following the sequence below (which comes from the figure 8 symbol above).

Track 1  = 10(14)The Wheel of Fortune
Track 2  = 11(13)Justice
Track 3  = 12(01)The Hanged Man
Track 4  = 13(11)Death
Track 5  = 14(10)Temperance
Track 6  = 15(09)The Devil
Track 7  = 16(08)The Blasted Tower
Track 8  = 17(07)The Star
Track 9  = 18(06)The Moon
Track 10 = 19(05)The Sun
Track 11 = 20(04)The Last Judgement
Track 12 = 21(03)The Universe

Track 13 = 00(02)The Fool
Track 14 = 01(12)The Magician
Track 15 = 02(00)The High Priestess
Track 16 = 03(21)The Empress
Track 17 = 04(20)The Emperor
Track 18 = 05(19)The Hierophant
Track 19 = 06(18)The Lovers
Track 20 = 07(17)The Chariot
Track 21 = 08(16)Strength
Track 22 = 09(15)The Hermit

Where there are more tracks than 22 the sequence repeats thus 23 would again represent '10 The Wheel of Fortune' but in another context. Because some cards such as '12 The Hanged Man' have very specific meanings it becomes possible to prove that the songs that fall on Track 3 always refer to God, Heaven, Religion and so on. This can be shown not to happen with other tracks.

That the sequence is followed for personal compilations is disturbing, as no external organisation can be doing that on purpose. The parallel cards are shown in brackets above. Given that the parallels are suggested or deduced by myself it is a point where you might expect to find errors not alignments (difficult to determine absolutely because the parallel card represents a different form). The structure centres on Track 3 and as such you would expect huge errors to occur if it was incorrect.

The sequence starts with '10 The Wheel of Fortune' and this can only mean that this card is considered to be more important than the rest? At the moment best guess is that the three figures on the wheel represent the Good and Evil Principles and God Almighty, with the key importance being that the wheel needs to revolve. It is clear that this is located on the side of the Hanged Man associated with the Autonomy (not the Democracy). From this we may assume that the importance of the card relates to the formation of the Autonomy 'system' to complement the Democracy 'system', thus it represents something new being suggested by this signal. It's also easy to find this particular song as it's the first song on every CD, Record, or Tape. The sale of single tracks opposes the transmission of this structure.

The general view is that the lyrics of the songs represent data storage as an archive of the hive mind of God. The key area for this is thought to be within the cortex of the brain but outside of areas used by the conscious mind. Clearly the suggestion is that with many CDs you could extract all the music and gather together all of the track 1s and all of the track 2s etc. You would then be able to cross reference the collection of music for each Tarot card to determine the meaning of that card from the lyrics of a number of songs where common themes were expressed. It would become possible to decrypt the data stored within the lyrics and thus access the archive of the mind of God. It has been theorised that if God did use the brains of creatures such as ourselves to form a hive mind, that there would have to be some form of offline storage. However there are some indications that it is actually information conveyed to us by God - as a communication. In other words it appears to be a reply - to the Kabbalah. Furthermore it is a specific reply to YOU the reader, as you can access the information from your own collection of music for yourself. Thus the words of God can be heard personally by you without being suggested by ME or the Anno Domini religion. There is of course a snag, it's a little cryptic as it's moderately in code. You need to decipher the meaning and it can take time to do that, how fortunate then that this time is spent listening to nice music.

As this is a religion there is no direct need for evidence, however I did find something quite disturbing. There are two aspects, the first is to show that messages are being stored, and the second is to show that the songs on an album are arranged (through influence) to follow a specific order that has the structure given above.

Starting with the first argument, that messages are being stored… The Hiroshima atomic bomb was the first of two dropped on Japan (code named Little Boy). As stated previously there were four Jesuit priests who survived in a wooden Rectory eight blocks from the blast. Some other people in this area were able to survive due to their location (in a basement, in a car), but these priests would not have been expected to survive. Not only did they survive but they did not suffer from radiation poisoning. They obviously put their survival down to their faith. This led me to consider the second atomic bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki (code named Fat Man). The Americans dropped two bombs to show that the first wasn't just luck, and likewise my concern was to find a second group of survivors at Nagasaki for exactly the same reason, but this was not what I found. Nagasaki was not the primary target, it was Kokura. Three attempts were made to drop the bomb visually on Kokura which was obscured by clouds and smoke and it was decided to move on to the secondary target Nagasaki. However if we study Nagasaki, instead of finding Jesuit survivors as we might expect, what we find is a history that includes 26 Roman Catholic martyrs!

On February 5, 1597, 26 Catholics – four Spaniards, one Mexican, one Indian, all Franciscan missionaries, three Japanese Jesuits and 17 Japanese laymen including three young boys, who were all members of the Third Order of St. Francis, were executed by crucifixion in Nagasaki on the orders of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. These individuals were raised on crosses and then pierced through with spears. (Wikipedia)

Nagasaki was revenge, "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord". This was a simple matter of providing a few clouds over Kokura while ensuring that the second target was Nagasaki. Now this is relevant for two reasons, the first is that the Atomic Bomb is the manifestation of God Almighty to the people of Earth (or any other planet with intelligent life and an atmosphere), and the second is that this event is referred to in a message stored within a song.

'Stiltskin - Inside'
Let's give some history here first. The song was written by Peter Lawlor, who also produced all the music. Originally this was an instrumental and was picked up by Levi's for a Jeans advert (Creek). The Tribe of Levi may perhaps be inferred here? As he got lots of requests for the record, and as none of the record companies would touch it, he had to produce a record himself. This involved quickly writing the lyrics. Finding someone to look as though he was playing the drums. Someone he knew who could stand in for the Bass player, and the most time was spent auditioning the singer - Ray Wilson. In general the only reason the song didn't hit number one in the charts is because Peter Lawlor had only arranged for a fixed number of records to be pressed and they sold out. What we get from all of this is that the song had to be hastily written to make the record, and the band assembled to create an act to sing it. The song was not therefore arranged or engineered by a record company and was entirely the work of Peter Lawlor.

What emerges is a song sung by Ray Wilson who is effectively impersonating God Almighty with the choir of  Ambrosian Singers impersonating the Angels in the background, and here's the key code:

"Fat man starts to fall"

The code name of the Atomic Bomb dropped on Nagasaki. The entire song is a description of the Nagasaki detonation with the important line - "If you believe it, don't keep it all inside" repeated over and over which suggests a modicum of proselytizing. Quoting the lyrics here is not good. It's a breach of copyright and also if you listen to the singer, what he sings is slightly different to the lyrics often given. I myself would correct some of these as there are spelling mistakes as well as deliberate misspelling and faulty grammar. I think it's very unlikely that it was written to have the meaning that I'm suggesting here. Certainly Levi's Jeans doesn't seem to suggest atomic bombs? I will give some lines here.

"You turn and cower, See it turn to dust."

"Seam in a fusing mine." - The heat fusing and melting things together.
"That's because I'm slightly blinded" - By the flash.

"And if you think, That I don't make too much sense, That's because I'm broken minded." - The hive mind of God perhaps.

"Shadows move in pairs" - A reference to shadow effects of the blast.
"In the shooting yard, Looking through the tears" - Not tears from his eyes, but the shredded building.

"Fall in a long stray town, As the ice comes down, Rivers start to bend."

If the lyrics seem obscure - that's God acting through Peter Lawlor. It's a Grunge song? What you're getting here is the harsh reality of a hostile God taking revenge for the crucifixion of 26 Roman Catholics by arranging carefully for the City to be nuked 348 years later, thus the song is not presenting the sweet and light concept of God that the Church would suggest. It should also be clear here that God takes a bit of time to think things through. In the case of Moses who was the babe in the bulrushes, it wasn't until he was 80 years old that he led the Israelites out of Egypt - which is urgent and rapid decision making on the part of God. So although you might pray to God and he may indeed answer, it won't be for many years. That's simply due to the fact that something big tends to move rather slowly. For faster responses it has to be something that was already being planned, or it has to come from the brain using stored data and personal power.

This song then is an attempt to portray God Almighty in it's lyrics, the quality of the singer, and in the way the music has been constructed (an accidental match apparently). It has not been rigged or set up on purpose. No one seems to have noticed the match for the 'Fat Man' code word. A bomb falls of course. In fact it's spooky - listen to the song because it many respects it becomes the anthem for the Anno Domini religion.

* All of the above comes from an interpretation of the song itself, but when that song is placed onto an album you then have the other tracks on the album that can be used to confirm the interpretation while providing additional information.

The second argument is that the songs on an album are arranged to follow the specific order of the Tarot cards starting with '10 The Wheel of Fortune' as the first track (Track 1). We can use the song above to try to show this sequence. Tarot cards are always tricky, they are designed to move around, and the value of the above system is that two cards are paired depending on the location. Also the meaning of the song can be supported by it's location and corresponding Tarot card ONLY IF there is a knowledge of this structure, and this makes it hard to fake.

Stilskin - Inside, appears on a number of albums and it's difficult to find out which. There is more than one and as you can imagine the song appears in different locations on different albums. The validity of this is determined by the counter point and a slightly different meaning can be inferred from the different placement in the sequence.

The first album here was called 'The Minds Eye' and it was the Stiltskin ablum with the song on it:
1. Intro (instrumental)                                      10(14) The Wheel of Fortune
2. Scared of Ghosts                                           11(13) Justice
3. Horse                                                           12(01) The Hanged Man
4. Rest in Peace                                                13(11) Death
5. Footsteps                                                     14(10) Temperance
6. Sunshine and Butterflies                                15(09) The Devil
7. Inside                                                          16(08) The Blasted Tower
8. An Illusion                                                    17(07) The star
9. America                                                       18(06) The Moon
10. When My Ship Comes In                              19(05) The Sun
11. Prayer Before Birth (instrumental)                 20(04) The Last Judgement

'Inside' as suggested represents the Nagasaki nuclear detonation, so at first glance the match to '16 The Blasted Tower' may look quite good but may be deliberate? While it may be assumed that the 16th card refers to such an explosion it's not the case. 16 & 8 represent the Antichrist. '8 Strength' may represent the duality of the character while '16 The Blasted Tower' refers to the accident that transforms the polarity (from Good to Evil or from Evil to Good). Knowing this means that the placement here may in fact refer to Ray Wilson's traffic accident just prior to singing this song, and it is that factor in the instance of this the first album that is being conveyed (despite the fact that he didn't write the song). Not much is known about this accident. A second idea I had here is that the placement could refer to the 'Bomb' itself and not the detonation. Clearly 'Fat man' also refers to the 'Bomb' prior to detonation. An Atomic Bomb might be viewed as a form of Antichrist because it contains the Good and Evil Principles within it's construction. It is the combination of Good and Evil that is forced to occur in a sustained way that manifests God Almightly within the Universe. The accident is more deliberate in this case, but is also often deliberate in the development of an Antichrist.

The 11th track here 'Prayer Before Birth' is matched to '20 The Last Judgement' and this card refers to Death (which curiously is not the case for the card called '13 Death'). It's an instrumental so there are no lyrics to check. If we consider '13 Death' the song here is called 'Rest in Peace' and it's parallel (given in brackets) is '11 Justice' and the song here is 'Scared of Ghosts'. You can see the logic emerging but again as '13 Death' doesn't really refer to death the meaning will not really be RIP. Do ghosts haunt people for the sake of Justice?

Clearly there is some alignment and there are a range of matches that seem a little too good to be true. Obviously there is the possibility that Peter Lawlor has some understanding and he may have arranged the order of the tracks on the record, however that will not be the case for other albums produced by the record companies. There is enough here for the reader to investigate these matches for themselves.

The second album found here was 'Now 28' where it appears on the first CD:
1. Love Is All Around - Wet Wet Wet                          10(14) The Wheel of Fortune
2. I Swear - All-4-One                                              11(13) Justice
3. Don't Turn Around - Ace Of Base                           12(01) The Hanged Man
4. Shine - Aswad                                                     13(11) Death
5. (Meet) The Flintstones - BC52s                              14(10) Temperance
6. Crazy For You - Let Loose                                      15(09) The Devil
7. U R The Best Thing - D:Ream                                16(08) The Blasted Tower
8. Everybody's Talkin - The Beautiful South                17(07) The Star
9. I Believe - Marcella Detroit                                    18(06) The Moon
10. I'll Stand By You - Pretenders                              19(05) The Sun
11. Inside - Stiltskin                                                 20(04) The Last Judgement
12. Girls And Boys - Blur                                           21(03) The Universe
13. Renaissance - M People                                        00(02) The Fool
14. Just A Step From Heaven - Eternal                        01(12) The Magician
15. Another Sad Love Song - Toni Braxton                  02(00) The High Priestess
16. Searching - China Black                                       03(21) The Empress
17. You Don't Love Me (No No No) - Dawn Penn           04(20) The Emperor
18. I Wanna Be Your Man - Chaka Demus & Pliers        05(19) The Hierophant
19. Always - Erasure                                                 06(18) The Lovers
20. Prayer For The Dying - Seal                                  07(17) The Chariot

Fairly obviously the order and choice of songs in this case would not be dictated by Peter Lawlor. The alignment that you should expect here is - ZERO, none should align to the structure. You should also notice here how '12 The Hanged Man' and '01 The Magician' are throwing the sequence of the parallel cards indicated in brackets. This is a result of the top and bottom parts of the figure 8 structure producing a vertical alignment where all the other cards are producing horizontal alignments. If that were an error it would probably only affect the parallel aligned cards and would have a minimal effect on the rest of the sequence. Lets try to tackle them in pairs:

Track 11. & Track 17. thus 20(4) The Last Judgement & 04(20) The Emperor:
Track 11. is 'Inside' by Stiltskin and here it is represented by the card '20 The Last Judgement'. Not only does this card generally represent death but the name seems very apt in the case of Nagasaki where the song represents the Atomic Bomb dropped on them. Notice though that it's in a different location to the previous album. Look now at the corresponding card Track 17. 'You Don't Love Me (No No No)' by Dawn Penn, sounding to me like a remixed version of the original. Phrases like "You don't love me and I know now", "and I've go no place to go now". The Japanese (of Nagasaki) now know that God doesn't love them, and now they have no place to go now. The song is interpreted with respect to the opposite parallel track following the structure. It should be observed here that if you listen to Stiltskin's 'Inside' there is a variation near the end of the song where he embellishes the line 'If you believe it, don't keep it all inside - No, No." by adding 'No No' (in the background) to the end of the line, and this echos the 'No, No, No,' line from the Dawn Penn song.

* It's fairly obvious that the entire disc should not revolve around Stiltskin's song 'Inside'. It would be quite possible to take one of the other songs on the disc as the central focus and interpret the rest from that perspective (in theory at least). It's a complex structure because it has to be built to represent all of the possible configurations and interpretations. That's a debatable point - perhaps the entire album does indeed revolve around this one song?

Track 3. & Track 14. thus 12(01) The Hanged Man & 01(12) The Magician:
We take these tracks because '12 The Hanged Man' represent's God Almighty while '01 The Magician' begins to look like his representative on Earth as a kind of Messiah.  So for The Hanged Man we have Track 3. 'Don't Turn Around' by Ace Of Base. This gives nothing obvious in the title but if we play the song it has a single line as the Intro: "I will survive… without you" - God's words. The song is about letting people go - from Nagasaki before it get's nuked. Lyrics such as: "Don't turn around cos you're gonna see my heart breaking", "Just walk away". Now if we turn to the corresponding opposite card The Magician gives us Track 14 'Just A Step From Heaven' by Eternal. Lyrics such as: "Tell me that the will is still alive", "We can rise above this pain in our hearts".

Tracks 1 & 2, and Tracks 4 & 5 thus 10(14) The Wheel of Fortune, 11(13) Justice, and 13(11) Death, 14(10) Temperance:
Now because of the structure we can take the two sidebands on either side of '12 The Hanged Man' so on the Autonomy side we have '10 The Wheel of Fortune' & '11 Justice': Tracks 1 & 2, and on the Democracy or state side opposite The Hanged Man we have '13 Death' and '14 Temperance': Tracks 4 & 5 and these two groups represent opposing factions. So the Roman Catholic priests are represented by Tracks 1 & 2 which are the songs 'Love Is All Around Me' by Wet Wet Wet and 'I Swear' by All-4-One. The religious significance of those songs should be fairly obvious. In contrast the Japanese State are represented by Tracks 4 & 5 which are the songs 'Shine' by Aswad thus "Shine, Shine like a Star", the Star being the Will of God on earth as an Atomic Bomb (13 Death), and '(Meet) The Flintstones' by BC52s (the B52s and here it's 14 Temperance) - which seems quite cruel with respect to the result at Nagasaki (bombed back to the stone age: 'Yabba Dabba Doo' as the pilot of the bomber shouted, just after the bomb exploded), "the modern stone age family..." let's not go any further here.

Track 9. & Track 19. thus 18(06) The Moon & 06(18) The Lovers
These are picked out here because Track 19. is the song 'Always' by Erasure. Technically the video is Chinese not Japanese but you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference (the video is available on YouTube). Lyrics such as, "Open your eyes, I see your eyes are open". There's not much in the lyrics here but you have the cultural reference Chinese/Japanese in the video and the tragic name of the group 'Erasure' (as in Japanese erasure). The parallel song here is Track 9. 'I Believe' by Marcella Detroit. Lyrics such as, "If there is freedom, tell me why everybody wants to fight?", "You got your reasons but are you sure they're reasons to be right?", and "Don't let your anger or your fear become your suicide".

There are a number of other tracks here that could be studied. Track 20. 'Prayer For The Dying' by Seal, which parallels Track 8. 'Everybody's Talkin' by The Beautiful South, shadow effects I guess. I think you get the idea at this point. You won't get a perfect match, or literal interpretations but there is still enough to distinctly disturb the average individual without too much digging. The zero match that should have been expected from such an album was rapidly knocked for six. In cases where we have Tracks like 6 & 7 you can see that there is no parallel on this CD due to the lack of tracks, in that case these songs stand alone and have to represent both cards.

Fairly obviously the 'Now 28' CD set consists of two discs. You might expect the second disc to match the first as the sequence remains the same. It's probably quite difficult to influence the construction of another CD just for the sake of confirmation, however cursory glance shows that Track 11. of CD2 gives: 'Light My Fire' by Club House featuring Carl, a remix that uses some of the lyrics from the Doors original song. You can see that it matches the idea of Track 11. of CD1 representing an Atomic Bomb. If we were to propose that the 'Fat man' was a reference to a Sumo Wrestler - who kept falling over, and was unloved, and who needed to avoid death by losing weight, with the proposed solution of throwing up at regular intervals: "If you believe it, Don't keep it all inside", it would be hard to match that with CD2's 'Light My Fire' (invent your own jokes here I guess…).

Stiltskin - 'Inside' can be found on other albums such as 'The Best TV Ads… Ever!' where it falls on Track 7. of the second disc thus landing once more on '16 The Blasted Tower'. That's an album that could be studied but the match to the structure is less clear in that case (probably as it's a less well known disc). There is a sense here that such messages are mean't to be heard and where there is less likelihood, less effort and less influence are involved. In general though this seems to confirm the idea that the Antichrist in the form of the construction of the bomb is referred to rather than the detonation, whereas in the 'Now 28' CD1 the reference is clearly to detonation on a Japanese City.

There is one missing aspect here. None of this shows that the motive was the crucifixion of the 26 Catholics 348 years earlier, however it is rather hard to have modern popular music that refers to this topic. While such a reference may exist it would have to be encrypted more deeply to avoid interfering with the intent of the composer, and as such may be harder to find if it's present at all.

The Kabbalah was intended to be a way of communicating with God. There is a parallel with the Tarot cards as they represent the paths between the Sephiroth of the Kabbalah, so this is an accepted religious structure. In the next article I will try to attempt some definitions and that section will be called 'The Book of Revelation' as this was indeed a description of Tarot cards written in the style of St. John, as the last chapter of the Bible. What you have here is information provided by God. Now some of this stuff may be nefarious and some arranged by the record companies themselves, but in general it's quite difficult for evil forces to handle this level of complexity (within the messages themselves). Evil forces are more likely to influence the person deciphering the message, but as that's YOU not me, clearly you now have this source and can do what you like with it. Most of it is a one way communication from God. This should be expected, think of it like receiving a message from a spaceship many light years away - two way communication would be difficult and God is slow. Further more why should a God listen to us, isn't it us who should be listening to the God? Some might argue that this is not God the Creator, but so long as the information provided is useful that's really what counts. The trick here is to avoid being led astray by your own interpretations, consider how other people might interpret the same message, or get other people to work on it and see if they come up with the same answer. Independent corroboration should be possible here.

Paul McCartney Songs:
As previously Sir Paul McCartney is thought to be a modern day Antichrist following the sequence of Good>God>Evil. The standard of his work should be considered as great as St. Paul but time will tell. Clearly it becomes important to distinguish the songs prior to the 1966 transmogrification (of which the Apple Dictionary suggests 'the cucumbers that were ultimately transmogrified into pickles' - very apt). Mostly here the concern is for the songs associated with the Beatles (Le Beast) and also those that are easily available on the albums. This is not an exact list and there are certain songs (When I'm Sixty-Four) which may have been written by Paul 1st but then sung by Paul 2nd. Those may be considered to be God-like? There are also some that cannot easily be determined (Eleanor Rigby). These are songs written by Paul McCartney that were either sung mainly by him or by both Paul, John and others. The importance of these is that Anno Domini must consider the songs prior to 1966 (the first list here) to be important prayers of some kind.

pre 1966 point:
Love Me Do                                                 Please Please Me<
P.S. I Love You                                            Please Please Me<
All My Loving                                              With The Beatles<
Hold Me Tight                                             With The Beatles<
I Saw Her Standing There                             Please Please Me<
I Want To Hold Your Hand                            Past Masters Volume One*
Little Child                                                  With The Beatles*
She Loves You                                             Past Masters Volume One*
Thank You Girl                                            Past Masters Volume One*
There's A Place                                            Please Please Me*
And I Love Her                                            A Hard Day's Night<
Baby's in Black                                            Beatles For Sale*
Can't Buy Me Love                                       A Hard Day's Night<
Eight Days a Week                                       Beatles For Sale*
Every Little Thing                                        Beatles For Sale
I'll Follow The Sun                                       Beatles For Sale<
She's A Woman                                           Past Masters<
Things We Said Today                                  A Hard Days Night<
What You're Doing                                       Beatles For Sale<
Another Girl                                                Help<
Drive My Car                                               Rubber Soul<
I'm Down                                                    Past Masters Volume One<
I'm Looking Through You                              Rubber Soul<
I've Just Seen A Face                                   Help<
Michelle                                                      Rubber Soul<
The Night Before                                         Help<
Tell Me What You See                                  Help<
Wait                                                           Rubber Soul<
We Can Work It Out                                    Past Masters Volume Two<
The Word                                                   Rubber Soul*
Yesterday                                                   Help<
You Won't See Me                                       Rubber Soul<
Paperback Writer                                         Past Masters Volume Two<


post 1966 point:
Eleanor Rigby                                              Revolver<
For No One                                                  Revolver<
Good Day Sunshine                                      Revolver<
Got to Get You into My Life                           Revolver<
Here There And Everywhere                          Revolver<
Penny Lane                                                 Magical Mystery Tour<
When I'm Sixty-Four                                    Sgt. Peppers<
All Together Now                                         Yellow Submarine<
A Day in the Life                                          Sgt. Peppers*
Fixing a Hole                                               Sgt. Peppers<
The Fool on The Hill                                     Magical Mystery Tour<
Getting Better                                             Sgt. Peppers<
Hello Goodbye                                             Magical Mystery Tour<
Lovely Rita                                                  Sgt. Peppers<
Magical Mystery Tour                                    Magical Mystery Tour<
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band            Sgt. Peppers<
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Rep)   Sgt. Peppers<
Your Mother Should Know                             Magical Mystery Tour<
Back in The U.S.S.R.                                    The Beatles (White)<
Birthday                                                     The Beatles (White)*
Blackbird                                                    The Beatles (White)<
Helter Skelter                                              The Beatles (White)<
Hey Jude                                                     Past Masters Volume Two<
Honey Pie                                                    The Beatles (White)<
I Will                                                          The Beatles (White)<
Lady Madonna                                             Past Masters Volume Two<
Martha My Dear                                           The Beatles (White)<
Mother Nature's Son                                     The Beatles (White)<
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da                                     The Beatles (White)<
Rocky Raccoon                                             The Beatles (White)<
Why Don't We Do It in the Road?                  The Beatles (White)<
Wild Honey Pie                                             The Beatles (White)<
Carry That Weight                                        Abbey Road<
The End                                                      Abbey Road<
Get Back                                                     Past Masters Volume Two<
Golden Slumbers                                          Abbey Road<
I've Got A Feeling                                         Let It Be<
Let It Be                                                      Let It Be<
The Long and Winding Road                          Let It Be<
Maxwell's Silver Hammer                               Abbey Road<
Oh! Darling                                                  Abbey Road<
She Came in Through The Bathroom Window  Abbey Road<
Two of Us                                                    Let It Be<
You Never Give Me Your Money                      Abbey Road<

* Both Lennon & McCartney
< McCartney as lead singer

This is a reasonably accurate list but some songs may have been missed or were excluded for being too much of a mixture. There are some important songs here. 'We Can Work It Out' was taken as a replacement for the Lord's Prayer, it's counterpart on the evil side is 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' a Satanic prayer. We also have 'Hey Jude' suggested as representing Paul 2nd as Jude (not Judas Iscariot, but the other one) whose brother was James much like James Paul 1st (that Paul 2nd viewed as his brother). 'Get Back' by Paul 2nd was originally a racist song asking immigrants to go home. 'Helter Skelter' by Paul 2nd was the inspiration for Charles Manson and the Mason Family murders. There are two songs from the good side 'I'm Looking Through You' & 'You Won't See Me' that imply optical invisibility (but may be a reference to the death of Paul 1st, 'You Won't See Me' sits at '12 The Hanged Man' on the Rubber Soul album, and on one side of it we have 'Norwegian Wood' - a Pine Box, and on the other 'Nowhere Man'). It's true that Jesus Christ was known to have the ability to change his appearance so that he could not be recognised, and there is the suggestion of invisibility (which is why Judas Iscariot was needed to identify him), so these two songs are quite interesting, implying that there is some possibility of achieving psychological invisibility.

The first set should be considered useful and the meanings of those could be studied. They my not appear to be important but that's a deception. There is more going on here than meets the eye. Paul McCartney continued after the Beatles broke up, and produced a wide range of music so there may be some value in his later songs.

You should listen to Stiltskin's 'Inside' in the knowledge that it does represent what I'm suggesting here, and realise that the lyrics are not just deliberately meaningless, but specific to that event. Consider also how the music sounds, and listen to the Angels at the start of the song.

Songs are important because their lyrics can have hidden meanings. Consider the song 'The Bad Touch' by Bloodhound Gang ("You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals"). Let me ask you to consider this line:
"Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert and you're getting two thumbs up"
In the context of the song what does "two thumbs up" refer to?
I imagine that you might have to research this topic for some time. Is this a good song to listen to or not?

Pick one or two of your favourite CDs. Consider that the first track represents '10 The Wheel of Fortune' and use that or the information above to determine which Tarot cards are represented by the songs. You might even extract a few CDs to a computer so that you can separate out the songs into individual folders for each track (which you can label to make it clearer). The question I ask is this: Can you identify that some song or other has a specific meaning that is clear and obvious? Can you then determine the parallel track/card and listen to that song next - Are the two songs about the same subject? You would expect to see a difference because the purpose of the parallel alignment is to present information that is unknown. So if the meaning of one song is clear then the parallel song will not be clear because it is linking that topic to some devious unknown aspect. This begs the question: Did you get additional information, and was that data correct?

Clearly the suggestion here is that God responds very slowly. An emergency would result in God rapidly responding after 80 years of consideration. There are some interesting questions that this raises. Fire from the sky to consume the altar is very suspicious especially if that altar is doused in what appears to be water (microwaves perhaps). This would be a rapid response of a form that God does not generally give. How are these rapid miracles achieved? Is there a technology associated with the brain, and some form of delegation from God? Consider what would happen if you fell down a hole. Would you pray for God's help? If God responded as a result of your prayer it would not be for at least another 10 years, by which time you would have starved. If a nuclear bomb went off nearby and you were saved because you fell down the hole, only to be rescued during the search for survivors, it would be the result of long term planning. Given the slow response time of God how does that affect your attempts to communicate with him? This delay is the cause of a lack of belief. The sins of the father are brought to the third and fourth generations because of this time delay.

Given the argument that Nagasaki was revenge for the crucifixion of 26 Catholic Priests 348 years earlier, should we consider what our ancestors did 300 or more years ago, or what happened at our current location in the distant past? Could that past affect the actions or plans of God for the future of the place where we are now living? You can see that because we have short life spans we tend not to see the link when it extends over a longer period.

Try to gain an understanding of how severe the atomic bomb was and the devestation that it caused to Nagasaki. If God uses the brains of humans for his own thinking, he would certainly have felt their deaths. Is the Stiltskin song 'Inside' an accurate portrayal of this event as witnessed by the God himself (through his presence there)? 'Prayer For The Dying' - Seal, suggests life after death and represents '7 The Chariot'. There are many such references on the 'Now 28' CD1. Could all of this be accidental coincidence?

Okay - now for a challenge. Can you find a CD that does not include the song 'Inside', that describes the same event using different songs? For example take the song 'Pretty Flamingo' by Manfred Mann. It's supposed to describe an attractive female but does it? Consider these lines:

"cause her hair glows like the sun and her eyes light up the sky"
"Crimson dress that clings so tight"
"When she walks by she brightens up the neighborhood"

Does a females hair glow like the sun? Does a females eyes usually light up the sky? Does a female light up the neighborhood when she walks by? Her dress is Red and aren't dresses sort of mushroom shaped - doesn't an atomic bomb also have a crimson mushroom shaped dress? Clearly this also appears to describe an Atomic Bomb (graphically), so what is the significance of that? What albums does it appear on? Such references should be rare but: 'Great Balls Of Fire', seem to occur more often than they should.

Reality Check: If the song was 'You'll Never Walk Alone' by Gerry & The Pacemakers, I would be asking if you've ever been 'tossed and blown' in your dreams, but it just doesn't seem like the same thing now does it?  

Important Points
- Instead of prayers we now have songs, and they can just be listened to regularly.

- Information can be stored within the lyrics of songs that can be interpreted to give different meanings.

- Casually listening to music is therefore rather hazardous if it's unclear what the song is about.

- The location of a song on an album is used to link it to other songs that elaborate on the hidden meaning.

- The Jewish Kabbalah is an old system said to be given to Moses on his second encounter with God.

- The Kabbalah indicates that the Jews believed that God created the Universe, not just the Earth.

- The Tarot Trumps represent the paths of the Kabbalah and appear to be accepted by God.

- The sequence of the Tarot cards follows a figure 8 pattern that matches cards up in pairs.

- That sequence is applied to the order of tracks on a musical album starting at '10', the Ten Signal.

- The songs on an album can therefore be matched to Tarot cards, with a second card confirming the attribution.

- The cards indicate the meaning of the songs, while the songs indicate the meaning of the cards.

- As evidence the song 'Inside' by Stiltskin was shown to represent the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb.

- As further evidence the album 'Now 28' CD1 was shown to elaborate on this to the point of indicating Japan.

- It is thought that the bomber was redirected for the sake of revenge for the 26 martyrs of Nagasaki earlier.

- It is clear that God responds slowly. Time was taken to move people in and out of Nagasaki.

- Sir Paul McCartney's songs are indicated with respect to the 1966 'accident' so that good ones can be chosen.

- The 'Now 28' CD1 is very disturbing. A God in action brutally choosing Nagasaki instead of Kokura.