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Another PUA Scumbag

I stumbled on this site:

And I posted this:

To which he responded:

Which I responded to but my response was never published.

The only reason I posted at all was that I thought this guy had some hope.  The idea of seasteading to escape feminism is absurd, but the desire to escape feminism at all sounded promising.  My post was a little rough, but I find I need to do that to get a response at all.  So why did this blog owner respond so crudely and then block my response?  That's easy, because he is a PUA.

Being a PUA means being an asshole in training.  After all, what sluts are attracted to is assholes, so the "art" of attracting sluts is the "art" of learning to act like an asshole.  And what this means above all is learning to treat other men like garbage and put them down.  This kind of behavior is what sluts love most.  The author of this blog obviously learned this "art" very well and practiced it on me.

Even if a PUA has a perfect understanding of how the world works and even if he agrees with us on virtually every point, this doesn't change the fact that a successful PUA must necessarily be a scumbag.  Any behavior that one practices regularly simply gets absorbed into one's character.  This is why all PUA sites put down men and ban men who disagree with them.  As far as I am concerned, PUAs are worse than feminists.  If decent men ever conquer a feminist society, the sluts and feminists can be allowed live and serve as prostitutes, but the PUAs must all be executed without exception.