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Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

After studying this topic for some time I have reached a conclusion.

On the left we have the Good Guys. On the right we have the Good Girls. And in the middle we have Fuck Heads.

The Good Girls do what they are supposed to do and look for the Good Guys but in glancing in their direction they see the Fuck Heads and get captured by them. They typically have six kids and get beaten up every night and it ends in divorce etc.

The Good Guys glance in the direction of the Good Girls but only see the female Fuck Heads in the middle and typically avoid or swear at them and remain in isolation.

The Government supports the Fuck Heads in the middle because the stupid population are very useful and generate a huge income, as well as democracy etc.

The State pretends that there is a society that will work for the Good Guys, but this is a lie. You can see that what is needed is a social culture suspended above the heads of the Fuck Heads in the middle, where the Good Guys and the Goods Girls can meet each other. And you can see that this would be elitist. Knowing that this is what is needed means that you can consider various methods and ask does this method avoid the Fuck Heads in the middle.

Arranged marriages typically arranged by the parents will bypass the Fuck Heads in the middle.
Expensive elitist dating agencies where both partners have to have lots of money will tend to work.
Class distinction was a way of avoiding the lower classes and would have worked.

Elliot Rodger was murdering people that he thought were the Fuck Heads. The social structure that he needed and that was implied to exist by the state was not present to any tangible degree. There was no group to help him, and therein lies the problem.

So... some people seem to be elitist by nature and this makes them behave much better than the common people. These are upper class people. Natural Princes and Princesses. Some social structure is needed to bring this Royalty together, but the Government supports scum instead. The problem here is that money is no indicator of status.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion


1. Naturally occuring elitism.

2. They don't know that they have this.

3. None of the regular social structures work for them.

4. After a time they become rather dangerous.

So these people think they are the same as everybody else. They then find that while the usual social order works for everybody else, it doesn't work for them. They then jump to the conclusion that it's everybody elses fault. Eventually they pound on the people around them.

Isis new that these people were out there. They new that with a little provocation and a little training they could be encouraged to murder the people around them where they lived. So they new that this tendency was naturally occuring and would occur in all the countries of the world. This was not just luck or percentages. Ready made 5th columnists that could be sparked to their cause.

Now how did they know this? It seems unlikely that the information came from the muslim religion as they were twisting that to their cause. It must have been some information that came from arabic culture itself. These people in the arabic world were being handled in some way? The arabs got on well with the Nazis so elitism was not frowned upon. We must assume that the information came from Saudi Arabia and that the arabs have a solution to this?

This means that arabic culture should be studied to find the answer.

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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

The Modern Jazz musician is a naturally occuring elitist. Using an instrument instead of a gun. Whether Mozart was an elitist is unclear. Modern HipHop might be viewed in a similar light.

In films Batman would be an elitist as would most of his villains. Daath Vader would be an elitist as would Luke Skywalker. Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a naturally occuring elitist trained to use weapons to kill an unseen enemy lurking in the background. An enemy that was a threat to the blood of the people. A Nazi element perhaps?

It seems that within the prevailing culture there are strands of an elitist subculture. The naturally occuring elitist needs to immerse himself within this elitist subculture for peace of mind. Some effort is required to identify these elitist strands so they can be brought together to provide an alternative to the prevailing culture. Otherwise the tendency is to try to destroy the prevailing culture.

*What happens in practice is that they tend to look for elitist organisations to belong to, such as Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, Muslim Terrorists, where they can then associate with like minded people.

What is needed is an elitist strand to handle socialising. In the case of prostitutes it is clear that this is the exact opposite of elitist. If we ask what is the opposite of the prostitute, the answer is the virgin and it is these virgins that are the reward for the muslim suicide bombers - presumably elitists.

Arabic culture may have elitist strands that are more useful?
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

However... there is an intriguing loophole.

The natural elitist has no problem fitting into the working environment. They can get jobs. They can work and earn money. This is because the working environment is a Dictatorship, and as you'll realise Dictatorships are Elitist. The working environment has an elitist culture.

Both common and elitist people can be found in the working environment.

The implication is that the working environment can provide an opportunity for elite males and females to socialise. The secretary marries her boss. Parked cars away from the CCTV allow all sorts of things to happen. Currently these people risk getting the sack but the view is that it's a fledgling environment that needs to be developed further to allow social involvment within the working world. This I think is the correct answer.

Elliot Rodger was not employed. He stayed within the educational domains and those are where the prevailing culture is the strongest. So the educational world appears to have produced the prevailing culture. Public (private) schools generate Politicians that run our world so badly.

Any culture that could replace the existing culture and work for these elitist types, would have to be a working culture.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

The prevailing culture is caused by large crowds of people. I should say by regular crowds of people. It's not entirely clear how this happens but it's what they bring to the group in terms of fashions and attitudes.

It starts with the school playground. Then you have Cities and large shopping areas, night clubs, and audiences. School classes are audiences as are religious congregations. In the Cities we have the homeless, and these are elitists - isolated even within the crowd. Recently on TV (60 Days Homeless?) we had the example of a lady who was married at an early age, who had three children, but it didn't work out and so she was homeless on the streets of Manchester. This is an example of an elite female.

These crowds of people don't work for the naturally elite individual. What is needed is a uniform distribution of people. In a working environment the people are kept at their desks or workstations and are evenly distributed throughout the building. Tents on a camp site for example. Boats on a river for example. Socialisation occurs while traveling to and from the required point in the grid, and the people are separated by some moderate degree of physical barrier.

Audiences are a problem, if you can't have them then you can't have performances. However television is a distributed form of entertainment spread amongst people who are broadly distributed in the region, and as such is a Kosher part of the culture.

The naturally elite have a tendency to attack crowds as the obvious cause of their problems. Tower blocks (instead of discrete houses) are an example of crowds, hence the World Trade Centre attacks. So typically audiences are attacked.

The prevailing culture is bad and I say that in an absolute sense. The protesters in France for example.

Religions are not the answer because the congregations are just another audience.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

Consider the dynamic between the Performer and the Audience. The Performer has adopted an elitist culture while the Audience has the prevailing culture. The Performer has developed some form of superiority and uses this to entertain the Audience. He or she does something that they (the Audience) cannot easily do themselves. So this is a meeting point of two separate and different cultures. The culture of the elitist meets the prevailing culture.

If we look back to Elliot Rodger we have his videos and his manifesto. He was appealing to an Audience. If we look forwards to the recent NewZeland Mosque attacks we find the the white supremacist was using a head mounted camera to live stream his 'Performance' to the internet where presumably he had an Audience. The suggestion is that this interpretation is correct. The natural elitist is destined to become a performer.

The Performer attacks the prevailing culture of the Audience in a non lethal way and profits from them. This is the child who ran away from home, to join the Circus.

By becoming a Performer the Elitist could attract a mate. This is the conclusion.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

The Religious Angle:

The initial question here was: Is the naturally occuring elitist evil?, and it transpires that there is a very clear religious factor going on.

In the NewZealand Mosque attacks we have a group of Muslims praying. They have been there before and do this regularly and so there is a significant hive mind. The Hive Mind of the Crowd is considered to be what forms God - in the subjective sense (of God being manmade). The white supremacist is a lone gunman and if we assume that Evil is the opposite of Good then it may exist in isolation. He is the force of evil and he directly kills the hive developing the force of good. It is a direct battle of Evil versus Good and in that case Evil won.

If we now consider the Las Vegas shooting, which was the Mandalay Bay Hotel, we have a single gunman. Once again with modified guns. Shooting the crowd at the Harvest Music Festival (which was Country Music). We see again that the audience was a considerable hive mind being synchronised by the music. The guy (a 64 year old who was rich) was isolated having sent away his girlfriend, had planned to kill the crowd opposite. This was not classified as terrorism as no motive was determined by the police. He killed himself afterwards. Again the isolation appears to be a feature of Evil while the crowd appears to be a feature of Good. Evil versus Good was the motive.

The function of Evil is to kill (primarily as a predator for food). It's clear that isolation being the opposite of the crowd is also a feature of Evil.

So... isolated individuals can exhibit a truely evil force - or rather become isolated because of evil forces. We generally have a battle between Good and Evil and in many cases Evil wins. This is not recognised because the true nature of Evil is not really understood and it's symptoms and functioning have not yet been fully discovered. A witches coven would be considered to be Good for example as it would be a hive mind.

The value of the gun lies in it's ability to distance the gunman from the target. He is out of range of their hive mind. When he shoots them he is directly shooting God. Strength in numbers merely creates a bigger target, while the lone individual is too small to detect.

It seems clear that the naturally occuring elitist is a product of evil forces. There is no scope for an elitist culture because it would destroy the isolation that evil depends upon. The even distribution of people simply avoids a hive mind thus no Good is present, creating compatibility with Evil.

The result is tricky, and what to do about it is unclear.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

Positive Aspects:

If we consider Fabian Wosar a computer virus cracker who focuses on Ransomware (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/hated_and_hunted_the_computer_virus_malware_ransomware_cracker) what we see is the reverse of the above aspects.

Fabian "lives a reclusive existence" so he works in isolation, and this is the principle of Evil. Meanwhile the criminals who produce the Ransomware "are run like mafia organisations with specific structures and divisions of labour" clearly working together as a hive mind, and this is the principle of Good. But in this case the Good of the hive is being used for an Evil purpose, while the Evil of the isolated individual is being used for a Good purpose. The roles are reversed. Because no death occurs - Fabian doesn't shoot the criminals - no true evil occurs. He is then a benefit to the community yet still has this evil lifestyle by necessity.

If the same argument was made by the white supremacist in NewZealand, it becomes clear that as the function of evil is to kill, he is quickly identified as the one acting with evil forces.

In the religious context we might consider human sacrifice. In that case the hive mind of the group seems to have captured the lone wolf and in sacrificing him it's a direct attack of Good against Evil. The film The Wicker Man is a classic example. The Policeman was isolated, became evil (King for a day), and was sacrificed by the hive mind of the group. Less evil - more fruit?

In the case of groups: The witches coven might still be using their hive mind to act in an evil way but it would not be true evil. A collection of evil individuals could not work together as a group without becoming a hive mind acting for good. They could synchronise to the same day or follow a chronological sequence of events, but would each have to act independantly from each other to produce an evil result. So from my point of view you can't really have a Satanic group unless they are widely dispersed.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

Is the shooter a Shaman?

This would make a lot of sense. The Shaman was associated with the Hunter Gatherer tribes. His role was to help the tribe to kill more animals for food. He would use spiritual means to attract more animals to the area. As the function of evil is to kill the Shaman would fall into the evil category. Using the Good of the hive mind of the group would not work if the purpose is to kill. So the Shaman is functional within the Hunter Gatherer context, but even then becomes apparent by his or her failure to fit in with the tribe, and would be even more displaced in the modern prevailing culture. The shooters often use customised guns and are clearly acting as hunters - maximising the kill. They are typically acting against colonizers or people who are seen to be making the culture worse.

This argument provides us with two solutions to the problem. On the one hand a greater interest in shamanism may encourage these people into this area of study where they can then spend their time in the spirit world rather than plotting against the population. Where they would learn to help the community in some way. On the other hand the Shamans skill in attracting animals into the region to improve the hunt could be used instead to attract females into the area in the same way, using the same techniques. He would exert his influence in the spirit world to control and manipulate the female population.

Some study is required to see if this matches up with the background of Elliot Rodger.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion


My first experience with WoW was like stepping into another world of excitement and adventure. It was a video game world, but they made it so realistic that it was like living another life, a more exciting life.

I must be destined to change the world, to shape it into an image that suits me!

Being one who always loved fantasy and magic, and who always wished that such things were real, I was swept up in a temporary wave of enthusiasm over this book. The prospect that I could change my future just by visualizing in my mind the life I wanted filled me with a surge of hope that my life could turn out happy.

I briefly fantasized about being a god as I looked down upon them all. I imagined having the power to destroy everything below with destructive, supernatural powers.

I will be a god, and they will all be animals that I can slaughter. They are animals... They behave like animals, and I will slaughter them like the animals they are.

I am not part of the human race. Humanity has rejected me.

I am more than human. I am superior to them all.

In the midst of my suffering, I have been able to see the world much clearer than others. I have vision that other people lack.

This is Shamanism.

If we consider the naturally elite female, we see that she is quickly poached by the crowd of the prevailing culture. She gets chewed up and spat out, to become homeless and destitute - typically on drugs (the shamanic aspect I guess). In return I think the answer is to do the same. The elite male must poach the female from the crowd.

The Good forces are the crowd because they form the hive mind of God. The single guy in the crowd is looking for a girlfriend and the God of the gestalt knows this and manipulates the crowd to bring boy and girl together. The Good thus looks after it's own, and it's power is the manipulation of the number of people in the crowd. As a hive mind this God is achieving a degree of objectivity.

The Evil forces are with the individual - the opposite of the crowd. Evil doesn't have a crowd of people so can't look after it's own. It's power must be equal to the Good but this is hidden and concealed - where is the dark power? This must rest with the subconscious mind and must be based either on spirits or demons.

The suggestion is that the naturally occuring elitist is a Shaman and has, or can develop power within the spirit world. The Shaman is evil because of the need to kill animals for food - he leads the hunt. In poaching the female from the crowd (or rather from a distributed population - less hive mind) the Shaman must summon spirits or demons to possess the female and infect her with them. The Shaman controls the demon, the demon controls the female. Precedent has been set by the stage Hypnotist, who offers suggestions to the audience, selecting one who responds best. This individual is brought to the stage to become the hypnotic subject and is then hypnotised and made to do all manner of things to demonstrate the power of the hypnotist to control him against his will. This would be similar but would use slightly different methods. In cultures where Voodoo is common the population practice dancing the animal at the ceremonies. This is where they hope to be possessed by the spirit of an animal and so this concept of being possessed is expected and is not unreasonable.

The limiting factor rests on the skill of the Shaman. The practical approach is a broader influence to bring in more responsive females. So some magical influence is required and some true development as a Shaman is required. The Evil forces must take from the Good and withstand the rejection of that power.

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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

The Use of Sage
This is the first solution to emerge from the study of Shamanism, but it's a complex theory based on circumstantial evidence and a house of cards.

God draws a line. The people above the line, the 'A's, get paid, while the people below the line, the 'B's do not get paid - despite doing all the same things. The 'A's get girl friends, they get married, they have kids, they live happy lives. The 'B's do not get any of this - they stagnate and they die.


The poor have always believed that they are poor because the rich are rich. They have always felt that the rich take from the poor thus making them poor. In economic terms this cannot be so. The poor have always been poor - they have no money to take. Thus the rich can only take from other rich people who have the money to give. Yet the feeling persists. The answer is, that it's not money that is being taken but some kind of psychic energy.

The answer to the above question is the scarcity mentality. God is not infinite but a hive mind. His resources are limited. As a product of the people above the line he is already taking from them to exist, therefore how does he pay them - where does he get the payment from. The reality here is worse. God is taking from the 'B's below the line and is paying what he takes to the 'A's above the line. In short he takes Happiness from person 'B's brain and feeds it into person 'A's brain. Person 'A' says; "I am so happy, thanks God", person 'B' says; "I am so unhappy, fuck you God".

The Israelite slaves of Egypt through the development of the neo-cortex of their brains, due to the religious use of the Tabret (a tambourine based on the Deff Drum) and the mathematics of laying out mud bricks, developed their brains enough to produce a hive mind God - which by definition is a Vampire God. This God then proceeds to turn the congregation into a race of vampires, extracting psychic energy from the surrounding population (anyone not jewish I guess), feeding it into the brains of his fledgling vampire race. (Did the Nazis know?) The jewish slaves became more powerful and used this power to escape from their slavery.

In the case of the people above the line: They are in a crowd so they are producing a hive mind. The view is that this is achieving a kind of critical mass the result of which is that the neo-cortex of their brains become Receptive. In the case of the people below the line: They are not in a crowd and are incompatible with the crowd so they are not producing a hive mind. They are not achieving a critical mass, they are not generating a God. The neo-cortex of their brains is in a Transmissive state. God then leeches psychic energy from the transmitters and feeds it to the receivers. The 'B's become food for the 'A's, and God is the chef.

One of the things that God does is to create Biological Malfunctions. Three score years and ten was the reduction of the lifespan for example. I feel certain that God created Hayfever - for which he owes me 30 summers. He probably creates poor eyesight. The thinking is that he creates the menopause in women and their solution to this is to take Sage as a supplement. This eliminates the biological malfunction and removes the symptoms after about a year. The question is, how does it work.

I was studying Sage because it's used by the Shaman to smudge the area before journeying (burning the herb before beating the drum). It has remarkable medicinal benefits but when you study it what you find is Thujone, a hallucinogenic neurotoxin. How could a substance containing a neurotoxin be good for you? If God produces biological malfunctions he must connect to the persons brain via the neo-cortex. Perhaps the Thujone neurotoxin severs this connection - or more simply sours the milk. God would stop leeching from that person. It would be rather like Garlic, it would be like a chemical tinfoil hat, the neurotoxin would affect the neo-cortex. The person would stop suffering from the biological malfunction and their health would improve. In being disconnected from God they would be standing on the line (neither above it nor below it). They would nolonger be a victim of vampirism. It would make them immune.

So Sage supplements are highly recommended for solving the kinds of problems experienced by Elliot Rodger - a person who was below the line (a 'B'). I don't know if it would work but if the problem is caused by God then it might. This is why many homeless people are on drugs. Their connection to God is killing them and the drugs tend to sever the connection.

From the Shamanic point of view Clary Sage is available as an aroma therapy oil. It has a higher concentration of Thujone and can be dispersed using an ultrasonic diffuser. This has a number of advantages. Firstly the Sage is not burned, secondly as it's not a smoke it does not set off the smoke detectors, thirdly dispersion can continue for five hours or so, and finally it should be more powerful than smudging with the regular Sage. Again the use of this is recommended.

Reality Check:
Vampirism does indeed occur in practice, in the world.

Shamanism predated the God of the Jews and the development of the neo-cortex and yet the Sage was still used. It is said that continued use improves the Shamans visions. The Sage was used as a protection and it has been shown to reduce airborne bacteria. The implication is that the Thujone probably affects all parts of the brain but presumably some other kind of vampire must have existed that could feed off other areas of the brain? Perhaps it has an airborne effect, and therefore something comes at us invisibly through the air but is repelled by the Sage - if not in the air then by the accumulation of Thujone in the brain - at other times.

The argument creates a very troublesome view of the world. We can see from the Gods of the Egyptians that it is possible to have religion and it is possible to worship Gods - without them being vampires.

The drugs taken by homeless people seem to make their lives worse not better, hopefully Sage would produce a more positive outcome?

God does produce positive effects. He handles husbandry by selecting couples whose breeding would enhance the genetic result - without which stagnation would occur, but there is the risk that God is simply producing better vampires. Arranged marriages would provide the system and the culture with a functional solution, but the result, given that the parents who make such arrangements are not Gods, could easily produce de-evolution or stagnation. God at least is handling natural selection.

In the case of Predator and Prey it is normally the case that the predators are few in number while the prey are large in number. In the above case the 'B' people below the line are the prey but they are few in number. Are they sufficient to feed the 'A's. We eat meat but is the population of farmed animals greater in size than the human population? We eat small parts of the animals so the view is that one animal can feed many humans. In the case of vampirism the view is that the 'A's can be sustained in a more positive state than the 'B's and it would only take a small amount of extracted psychic energy to achieve this. If however you were to legalise drugs you might cut off their food supply - their God would be against this. Fortunately Sage cannot be made illegal as it exists in too many forms to block.

So Jews are Vampires? Seems slightly anti-Semitic. This is a mute point as all crowds now generate hive minds despite their religion - with the exception of the incompatibles. Distance is currently the only defence.

The booming noise we want to hear should be coming from the drum - not the guns or the bombs and so the view is to popularise shamanism. It is clear however that God is undermining Shamanism and religions have always attacked these people presumably because they do have some immunity. The Shaman is not a food source! Again if all the people below the line became Shamans, their use of Sage would cut off the vampires food supply and this won't be allowed. As a result they become shooters, suicide bombers, muslim terrorsists, white supremacists, and nazis - but are still food for the vampires while they are doing that. If they kill the flock - then less food is needed as there are less mouths to feed, God becomes less but remains functional and everything continues as before.

Sage will improve your health even if all of the above is wrong.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

At this point the plot thickens because my house of cards just gained a Muslim foundation, so... I must elaborate some more.

The Scale of The Universe
The universe is unimaginably big. Any God that created it could not associate with this planet because we would be too small. Any God that associates with this planet would not be big enough to create the universe. To be infinitely powerful the God has to create the universe, otherwise it is finite. Any finite God will not have infinite resources - and thus will have a shortage of power requiring the power to come from somewhere?

If the universe was fake then God could have created it - but the Moon exists and we can see it, is that fake too. You would just have blue sky and at night it would be completely black.

If we were somewhere else (Eden) and were then cast out to here - the God could be responsible thus our viewing this location could be a feature that he created?

But... God only came into existence when the Israelites were Egyptian slaves. He did not exist prior to this time. God did not create the universe so this is a lie!

God Created Us
No... he created us 'in his own image', and that condition is a feature of God's confusion. The image is the same. The image is the image of the mind the Cabalistic 'Tree of Life' thus if God's mind looks the same as ours then Occam's Razor would clearly indicate that we created him. Did he also create Mickey Mouse? God did not create us - and this is a confusion tainted by ego.

But if God's mind looks the same as ours - if we have the same image, then God is a HIVE MIND. At this point God becomes a Vampire God! Unlike the Egyptian Gods that were either spirits of some kind or a feature of the subconscious mind - most likely the brain stem. The God in the case of the Israelite slaves is assumed to be associated with the neo-cortex.

The Power of God
As God is a Hive Mind his power must come from somewhere and it's clear that to be associated with the Jews his power must initially have come from them.

Suppose we have 20 people. We link them together to form a hive mind. We summon the God so created. What happens next is that 10 of them immediately faint and collapse on the floor. They cannot function because their brains are being used by God.

How would the Israelites have solved this problem. We have no clear historical information but the assumption is that the first feature is the general development of the brain leading to the neo-cortex. The Tibret was charging brain cells thus more power, but that's a religious ceremony after work so... the brain power for the mathematics of laying out mud bricks becomes available at this time. In the first instance then, the God can only be available at certain times, but probably not when they are sleeping.

The power problem will be the first problem that the God would need to solve. God cannot get his power from some other group because he would then become their God instead, so God to be the Jewish God must take from the Jewish brain - his next step is to replenish those brains by taking power from somewhere else. Presumably he would take from the Egyptians and feed this power into the brains of the Jews - QED they become a race of Vampires.

Now these arguments are quite poor because there isn't much evidence, but fortunately we have another group we can look at instead - the Muslims.

The Muslim Gods Power Source
The Muslim culture is different to that of the Jews. The most obvious feature is how they treat their women.

Womens Restrictions:
Yashmak or Burqas
Women's images not allowed in the media
Not allowed to drive
Not allowed into sports stadiums
Should not be educated
Both are not allowed to consume alcohol ("as feeling of sleepiness and not to be awake")!
Not allowed to pray at the Mosque.

The list here is enless and has been changing in modern times. They invent reasons for these rules.

What if... the Hive Mind of the Muslim God was powered by the brains OF THEIR WOMEN.

Instead of us thinking that Muslims treat their women badly through some kind of male superiority concept, suppose that the brains of the women were reserved - for God. If they drank alcohol their God would become drunk for example.

Look at the value of this concept. In the first instance the power taken from the Muslim womens brains would not need to be replenished, because they would not be doing any difficult thinking (like driving a car). The men would be the 'A's above the line while the women would be the 'B's below the line - but look more closely, the men do not need to be paid by God as the God is not leeching from their brains, so the men are on the line. God does not need to take the happiness of woman 'B' to give to man 'A' as man 'A' is not unhappy due to leeching. As the power taken from the women does not need to be replenished so the God does not need to draw the psychic energy from non Muslims to pay back for the power that he himself takes. So the Muslim race does not need to become a race of Vampires in the same way as the Jews. In the case of Sage, our modern Garlic, the Muslim man doesn't need it as his God draws nothing from him, and they would not want the women to have this. The women would then tend to develop some vampire like traits hence the Burqas. If a man rapes a woman it is the woman who goes to jail (because she's the vampire).

The Muslim God is smarter and more ethical than the Jewish God. This is clearly a different God. The Muslim culture is clearly a superior culture. If the Muslim women knew that they were supporting God they would be honoured.

This can't just be a coincidence. It supports the theory. Marriages are arranged in this culture. If Elliot Rodger were a Muslim in a Muslim country he would not have had a problem - and his parents would have arranged his marriage, and he would have been happy (no vampire leeching effect).

Dare we consider the Christians?
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

Another house of cards here but it deserves to be said.

Exodus included a mixed multitude:
When the Israelites left Egypt in the Exodus they did not leave on their own. They took many others with them. If the previous arguments are correct then their God was taking psychic energy from others nearby and feeding this energy into the brains of the Israelites to replenish the power that the God himself took from these Jews to exist (as a hive mind). The suggestion is that if you then leave the area with your people - you would leave this food supply behind? The mixed multitude would then be taken along if they WERE the food supply in some kind of vampire like activity. And here's some evidence:

"Thus, metaphorically, God expresses the Israelite-Gentile dualism as the warp and the woof. The Gentile is the woof, the gehrev that marched out of Egypt with the children of Israel. The Israelite is the warp.

What is the relationship of the peoples of the woof to those of the warp? We saw earlier that the defining characteristic of the warp-woof relationship is unity: A woven cloth is useless without both warp and woof. It is a relationship of interdependence. The warp-woof metaphor of Exodus 12 stresses the union of peoples. In fact, the relationship appears almost symbiotic, an "intimate living together of two dissimilar organisms in a mutually beneficial relationship.""
from: https://www.cgg.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/Library.sr/CT/ARTB/k/399/Mixed-Multitude.htm

*This is not a fairy story! (The above had me swearing.)

Nazis cremation instead of landfill:
So you could have a couple of bulldozers, a couple of men. Make a trench, push the bodies in and cover with soil. The dead bodies act as fertiliser, any remnant of the gas acts as a pesticide, and the result is good fertile ground for vegetable growth. It's environmentally friendly. It's very cheap. You expect to win the war, so there's no concern that the mass grave might be found and in any case you're setting an example. Initially it seems that some bodies were buried in mass graves, but they decided to dig them up and cremate them.

Instead we have crematoria, 15 ovens per building.
"Cremation uses a tremendous amount of fossil fuels — over one million Btu’s (British thermal units) per hour with an average cremation lasting between one and a half and two hours, sometimes more – a tremendous amount of energy at a time when, finally, society is realizing it needs to lower the use of fossil fuels."
from: https://www.aish.com/sp/ph/Cremation_or_Burial_A_Jewish_View.html

Now these were bigger more efficient crematoria. The Jews have favoured burial in the past. The suggestion has always been that the Nazis wished to conceal the fact that they had killed these Jews. This doesn't really make much sense. They were concealing something - their reasons for killing them. Instead of two guys with a couple of bulldozers, we now have workers and operators manning the ovens. As above we need the fuel to run the ovens. The resultant ash is not environmentally friendly and they still had to grind down bones that didn't burn. Why go to all this trouble and expense?

There are only a few answers here. That it's political - seems unlikely. A Christian resurrection also seems unlikely. That some might recover from being gassed, again unlikely. That leaves us with the risk of bodies coming back to life as vampires which traditionally crawl out of the graves? They were cremated clearly to make sure that they stayed dead - which implies the risk of them coming back.

"For us, monsters are almost purely a pulp phenomenon. People going around in gothic makeup don't really think that vampires represented the "degenerate" Slavic or Jewish races who flooded in from the East to suck Germany dry of resources and contaminate Aryan blood. For the Nazis, however, there were good monsters like the werewolves—folkloric monsters of blood and soil who protected the nation at times of stress—and there were bad monsters, like vampires, who were never merely metaphorical."
from: https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/kzaemy/hitler-used-werewolves-vampires-and-astrology-to-brainwash-germany

"The historical evil counterpart to wolves’ good nature in Germanic folklore, the "vampire" became the preferred appellation for Jewish and Slavic people under the Third Reich. Alfred Karasek, a prominent SS folklorist, gained infamy for his "documentation" of vampiric behaviour, particularly among Danube Swabians – Germans occupying the contested southeastern region of Banat."
from: https://nationalpost.com/entertainment/books/book-reviews/the-important-lessons-why-hitler-considered-himself-a-wolf-and-his-enemies-vampires

*Disturbing... isn't it.

Nazi experiments on Jews:
It is known that the Nazis experimented on the Jews. I think that it is unfair to say that they just happened to be available, or were not well liked. My view is that the Nazis were choosing this group because they were looking for something specific to this group. The Jews were seen as the cause of the problem, and it was the problem that was being experimented with.

Unfortunately so many experiments were done that it's not possible to pick out anything specific - which most likely would have been kept secret in any case. It's presumed that they found the evidence that they were looking for - but it's unlikely to be available to us.

The natural development of the human brain:
The general view here is that the Israelites were the first to come up with a God of the cortex or neo-cortex. It is notable that Akhenaten was the Pharoah in charge at the time the Israelites were there as slaves, and he promoted the worship of one God - Aten (the Sun). Now was this because he was influenced by the Hebrews, or was it the case that his brain had also developed in a similar way? Was Akhenaten experiencing the same kinds of things as Jesus Christ did some time later?

The view is that the human brain started with Gods that were a feature of the brain stem, but ultimately has ended with Gods that are a feature of the cortex (or neo-cortex). The difference being that the Gods of the brain stem were not in fact hive mind Gods but were independant and were associated with an individual. The Gods of the cortex, hive mind to gain power and intellect and are therefore more powerful than the Gods of the brain stem but... automatically act in a vampire like manner. So this is a problem afflicting the modern human race. The Gods of the brain stem are weak, the Gods of the cortex are strong, this is why Moses had stronger magic than the Pharoah.

There is also the view here that at a certain point the dominance of the brain was balanced - that no particular area had dominion over the whole brain. This balance may have produced a more powerful brain at that time. In the modern era the left hemisphere of the brain dominates the rest and this lack of balance reduces the power of the brain.

The aftermath of the war:
Well the first question will be 'Why did you gas all those Jews' and the answer - because... 'We think they're Vampires'. It's not something that you would tell the population. Just as the Nazis interest in the Occult was kept secret, this would be too - but 'Why did you think this?' - 'cos we experimented on them'.

So now the allies have a problem. Initially the solution was the State of Israel - where they could be confined as a group. Then you have the problem, to look into the complaint, to see if there are any true grounds to support it? The problem here is the notion of Psychic Energy, and the lack of technology to measure it. Ultimately the Russians started research into these kinds of area. As above the view is that the problem is caused by the general development of the brain - that it's bound to occur to every race on the planet (not just Jews). So now you have a planet wide problem.

Where the Nazis experimented on humans the view is that the allies continued these experiments with better scientific methods. There is some evidence to support that. The further view is that the general issue - vampirism, was confirmed in some way. The requirement is then to develop a solution to the problem. That solution is a substance which is then sprayed on the population centres of the world in the phenomenon known as Chemtrails.

Initially special aircraft were set up specifically for the task. These were quickly noticed and later regular passenger airlines were fitted with smaller spraying units and would circle cities before landing. The initial cover story was to mitigate against the green house effect and reflect more sunlight back into space (shhhh, don't tell anyone). Later rumours were that aliens told us to do it, and finally that the future of the human race depended upon it. A medicinal substance of some kind, that would be expected to produce improved heath, so not negative or hostile.

My view here is of a substance much like a neuro-toxin that is absorbed through the air and via the food chain, which sours the milk and stops vampire like activity. It may perhaps suppress the formation of hive mind Gods? Whatever it is, it does not currently seem to be very effective.

As I write this I'm looking at an ultrasonic diffuser dispersing Clary Sage into the air. It has a stream of smoke-like vapour extending six and a half inches above the device, and if it was sideways it would look exactly like the contrail from a jet aircraft. I remember the early reports of the chemtrails. In war torn areas these trails would appear immediately after a cease fire was agreed. There was agreement with every country in the world except from those at war - and it often seemed that the war was to achieve such an agreement. As the world became more aware of this questions were asked and the phenomenon was successfully covered up. Step by step every observation was quickly followed by improvements to the technology, until it was no longer noticed. They are spraying something but they are not spraying over the sea - thus not climate control.

The Nazis gassed the Jews because they were vampires of some kind. They had some evidence to support their view and indeed there is circumstantial evidence of a historical nature. But just as we are distanced from the slaughter of animals for food, so too does this vampire like activity occur discretely in the background such that the Jews themselves might not be aware of it. The Nazis were efficient and pragmatic, they may have started with a suspicion but they would certainly have developed some experimental proof, and this would have horrified them. They would not have told their population directly about this but they certainly hinted at it. So they had good reason to act. The allies would eventually discover the problem and perhaps realise that it's more extensive than supposed by the Nazis, and they too would have to develop a solution of some kind. What would that be?

So we have an underclass of people. Initially they don't fit in well due to various kinds of incompatibility. They become socially isolated and excluded, and eventually they become food for religious vampire like activity. We know this activity is linked to the congregation, that the hive mind forming the God is effectively the Master Vampire who leeches psychic energy from the secular population to feed the chicks of the covenant, and so it comes as no surprise to see suicide bombers taking out the Church and it's occupants (whether Jew or Christian).

In conclusion this is a BIG problem, not some minor social issue to do with females. What we see are merely symptoms of a much bigger picture. Its the Government's dirty little secret, which hopefully they are struggling to fix.

This is a problem which will affect a wide range of populations and religions. It seems likely that the Christians have a different God to the Jews, and the Muslims will also have a different God. There will be some differences in the activity of each God. Modern religion is therefore to be avoided.

If a substance sprayed into the sky were effective it would eliminate the Gods of the cortex and these modern religions would fail. The older religions whose Gods are of the brain stem would still have power. Those religions that don't seem to have a God would also still be functional. Shamanism will always be functional. Hopefully the herb Sage offers a local solution to the problem (but testing is still in progress).

The information I have given here should not be a surprise, nor should it be new - if so then perhaps we are not paying attention. This is not propaganda - the normal information is the propaganda. How is it - that we are overlooking the obvious?
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

Vampire Relationships
The human race are evolving into a race of Vampires. These are obviously not the blood sucking vampires of tradition but psychic vampires that consume brain energy.

The reason why is very clear. The size of the human skull is limited by the birth canal and it can't get any bigger or the child would not be born. The maximum capacity of the skull has now been filled by the brain. "Gyrification is the process of forming the characteristic folds of the cerebral cortex.", from Wikipedia. These folds increase the surface area resulting in more neo-cortex being available. More brain gives a greater capacity to think and this results in an increased rate of survival and thus with a longer life more children can be born and these would have the same kind of brain structure.

The greater ability to think gives a greater ability to survive. If you had a greater ability to think then your genes would survive and more people like you would be born. Given that the capacity has now been filled how would a person gain a greater ability to think (how could a person be born with a greater ability to think)? If a person could 'borrow' the brain of someone else and add their brain power to their own, they would increase their ability to think and thus improve their ability to survive - to pass that ability on to their own children. Initially this would be a two way transmission but ultimately passive reception would be all that's needed.

Problems affect a lot of people at the same time. All will hit the limit of their intelligence with no solution. A person able to draw upon all that data could get an answer that would solve the problem:

100 people + 1 vampire on a beach.
A tidalwave approaches.
100 people panic and wonder what to do and start thinking of various scenarios.
The vampire leeching from their brains sorts this information and gets 'climb a tree'.
She runs to the tree and climbs to the top. One or two others follow.
The wave sweeps away the people killing 80%.
The vampires in the tree survive to have more children with the same capability.
Evolution favours the vampire.

So evolution will favour a cortex with the ability to link to other brains and draw energy and data from them. The one or two 'others' that follow the vampire might also be favoured in evolution? Perhaps she would sleep with them.

So in the modern world the guy who behaves like a Jerk is signifying that he is using his brainstem and limbic system but not really his cortex. He is showing that he has surplus brain power and surplus energy to drive it. The female vampire sees this and is attracted to him, to leech this energy from his brain. In contrast the intelligent guy is showing that he is using his cortex, he has no brain power to spare, the energy is being used - thus none is available for the female vampire to suck on, so she is not attracted to him. There is perhaps a further person. A guy who has been linked to. His brain power is already being sapped away and he has difficulty thinking with his cortex. In some manner he is indicating that 'he has been taken' and is no longer available. He has no spare power or brain capacity left.

This gives rise to a further problem:

Queer People:
Clearly if the relationship is formed on the basis of a vampire and a victim, they do not need to be of opposite sex for the vampire to leech from the victim. While most of us assumed that the queer people would die out owing to the fact that they should not be having children, what we see instead is that their numbers are increasing. There are more of them because there are more vampires developing. It's a symptom.

Now initially the knee jerk reaction is to make such relationships illegal, but we already did that and it didn't work. Now we have the exact opposite - same sex marriages, so now we know who they are and where they are, and if they are faithful to each other then the problem has been contained and withdrawn from the general population.

So for every queer couple we have one vampire and one victim. The Nazis obviously persecuted them but it's not clear how many were gassed. Presumably they saw the link between Gay and Jew as the same vampire tendency. There are also statistics here although quite poor (as it's a difficult subject). Yes there are many queer people in Israel and yes more of them are women than men - but Brazil comes in as a close second.

So what would normally happen is that the congregation in a church would be told by the priest about a problem that the community was suffering from. Could we all pray to God for a resolution to this problem. They all form a hive mind and a linkage to create a God or to an existing God. Where the problem is complex (slavery for example) even God would need time to think about the solution and thus the linkage is sustained. This produces a power loss and the God must find power from elsewhere to replenish the brains of the congregation.

Now it does work. In the long term the God gets the solution to the problem and applies it, but at the expense of vampirism - the vampires get the answer (and thus evolution kicks in).

In the past the hunter gather tribe has a problem, typically lack of food and water. They go to the Shaman and tell him that he is the only person who can solve the problem. He goes into the spirit world and negotiates with the spirits (of his brainstem in effect), and they help the tribe. The Shaman is acting like a God and the power comes from him (the Shaman). There is no vampire like activity.

The general difference here is that the vampires must follow a monotheistic religion to join forces to produce a single hive mind. In the case of the Shaman he has a polytheistic belief because each of the spirits he deals with is probably an aspect of the brainstem. So the Shaman has a range of faculties and these are each embodied as a spirit. He asks the appropriate spirit to solve the problem - and thus engages the correct part of his brainstem/subconscious mind to make it rain for example.

It's clear from this that monotheistic religions should be rejected. It's also clear that the God of a monotheistic religion will be stronger than the spirits of a Shaman. The Shaman typically seems to have some problem with his cortex in the first place. Epilepsy or some other condition. The cortex is perhaps knocked back in some way and this allows the brainstem to act in a more dominant way.

Gender Roles:
In the past the men did work appropriate to them while the women did work that they were more suited to. In this way the two were separated. Equality implies vampire like activity. The couple were drawn together by sexual attraction - not vampirism. But... the role of the male is to be the bread winner, to supply the resources that the female needs - she now needs his vitality so the female is destined to be the vampire and the male is destined to be the victim (hence feminism). Evolution may result in a female dominated world.

We need some form of technology to measure and prove that these things are going on and that's sadly lacking at this time.

What to do about it is the main problem. In the case of the Muslims, arranged marriages may run the risk of de-evolution but here we have a problem directly caused by evolution so this is a good answer. The problem is caused by the cortex of the brain - perhaps we should say by the cortex of the females brain? This is actually a minor problem - the female is only one individual.

The big problem here is the church congregation. They can claim that they know nothing about this. They are not suffering from any vampire like activity (because any drain is recompensed). Most of the vampire activity is done via a hive mind God acting to distance it's flock from the mechanism of energy gathering. The sheep have their own wolf and share it's kill. They don't have to do any killing themselves and so they can deny this. Suddenly they become the chosen race. Relationships form within the congregation, handled by their God. They probably don't have any queer people in their group. So these God fearing people don't seem to have any problems - just so long as there are 'others' who are not a part of their group (to prey on - to pray on). The church congregation is a nest of vampires and they don't even know it. They conjure up a monster to do their bidding.

So you have two subjects to study, vampires and the human brain. How to promote the brainstem and suppress the cortex (because this would break the link). In Shamanism there is the use of hallucinogenic drugs and the assumption is that these block the functioning of the cortex. "Alcohol-related brain damage alters both the structure and function of the brain as a result of the direct neurotoxic effects" from Wikipedia, again a neurotoxin (one that's not recommended) can block brain functioning, and is often used by Shamen.

The human organism needs power. Currently we need food to eat for the body, we also need oxygen to breathe for the brain and the muscles. Reptiles were cold blooded so they needed a source of heat. The suggestion here is that we now need a source of psychic energy to feed the cortex of the brain - and currently the only source of this is someone elses brain, it's a form of cannibalism. In a closed environment cannibalism results in starvation, but in this case the body and most of the brain can continue functioning without this additional source of power.

Mozart and his music should be carefully considered here. The main effect is on people with epilepsy - often what the Shaman is suffering from. The frontal lobe and the temporal lobe synchronises with the music, which reduces seizures, but what is happening with this? The brain is opening up to the music as an input. Is it a dummy to suck on? If the congregation has a shortage of power - and given that Mozart composed mostly for the church who he worked for - there is the notion of an alternative power source here. Now... if you were the victim of a vampire and needed to replenish the power drawn from your brain (and didn't have a God to do it, and you weren't a vampire) - could this music act to replenish your brain? Would it have done so for a congregation. You can see the advantage here, the music would present to you the workings and data of someone elses brain with the energy coming in through the ears (an offline source of power).

So the Sage would block the leeching from the brain by souring the milk, while the Mozart would replenish the energy consumed. Our victim may recover.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

53 So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in yourselves. 54 “He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. 55 “For My flesh is true food, and My blood is true drink. 56 “He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him. 57 “As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who eats Me, he also will live because of Me. 58 “This is the bread which came down out of heaven; not as the fathers ate and died; he who eats this bread will live forever.”

Christianity of course.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

The Three Laws
In the case of the Christian religion, you can see that they have mixed in the vampire myth as a kind of disinformation. Any careful study that might point to vampire activity - 'No, no it's the vampire myth'. They did that on purpose. So Jesus shed blood so that we wouldn't have to - he simply acts as a vampire on our behalf and regurgitates the energy as a compensation for that taken by God - drink my blood, the blood that he's collected from outsiders. So again the confusion between actual physical blood, and psychic energy - we are not allowed to drink blood, you can see how the disinformation works here. The blood is the life - the life is NOT the blood, it's psychic energy that is called blood. The energy referred to comes from the brain. There is the religious concept and there is the physical concept, they are similar but they are not the same.

This gives rise to three possibilities, three laws:

Law 1
The religious person, part of a group, prays to God. Their brain is used to form the hive mind of God. God takes their psychic energy as well. This energy is then replenished using psychic energy that God took from someone else who is an outsider. There is communication with God. The net amount of energy remains at the normal level. When this person meets an outsider on the edge of the religious group, they get along well because this person recognises a part of THEM within themselves. Likewise the outsider gets along well with this religious person because they recognise something about themselves within this religious person. A relationship may form between them.

Law 2
The outsider is not a part of the religious group. They live close by but seems to suffer as a consequence. The God of the religious group acts as a vampire and regularly drains the psychic energy from outsiders. This person is always unhappy and unsuccessful, has difficulty thinking etc. Never-the-less they get on well with the religous people because they see some of THEMSELVES within these people. They can easily form relationships with them. They suffer but are never really able to understand why.

Law 3
The above two laws give rise to a third type of person - the Elliot Rodger type perhaps. This person is not close to the religious group. They do not pray to a monotheistic God. They do not suffer from any kind of vampire like activity. They can think and act for themselves and are generally reasonably happy. But... whenever they meet the religious people they do not get along well with them. These religious people seem very strange and slightly dangerous. There is no chance of any relationship with any of these religious people. Likewise when this third type meets an outsider it is noticed how unhappy the outsider is and how much the outsider is suffering. The outsider doesn't like this person and the feeling is mutual. The third type here really doesn't want to suffer from whatever it is that this outsider has. The third type then cannot form a relationship with this outsider. This means that this third type cannot form any relationships at all - no one seems to like this person. This person may have some resistance to the vampire like activity that everyone else is suffering from?

It's clear that the modern culture is a product of vampire like activity. The winner is the vampire! Their God will selectively breed better vampires in greater numbers and these people will have a greater ability to survive than the rest of us.

Elliot Roger may have been the victim of vampirism (as suggested previously) - but if so he would still have been able to get along with religious types of people. Suppose instead that he was not the victim of vampire like activity (Occam's Razor applies here). He would then be in the third person category. He would not get along with anyone. Everyone else would be either a vampire or a victim and he would be outside the relationships these these two groups form with each other. I worry about how children are affected by this? A well protected child would become completely isolated and excluded.

The first is that the modern culture has switched to vampire relationships, so we must ask what existed in other cultures prior to the worship of a single God. Even if we find it, introducing it to the modern world would be unlikely to succeed (but perhaps something already exists). The third type of people could associate with each other but there is nothing to link them together (they are probably quite rare).

The second solution is the idea of 'saving' the outsiders. If you had a kind of anti-vampire religion tasked with rescuing these people by immunising them against vampire leeching, perhaps with Sage in some form or perhaps with music of some kind (remembering the transmission of electricity as a high voltage signal, that only becomes power as a result of the transformer at the end of the line). These people would then become third types and the relationship is a product of saving them. Shamanism might be viewed as an anti-vampire religion but it seems too old. You would be at war with the established religions just as Shamanism was.

The third solution here is to save everybody? Perhaps, as suggested, this is the governments position.

*Or you could 'sell out' by joining a religion?
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

Some Practicalities

Selective Breeding:
"My mother and father had been married for a couple of years before my mother became pregnant with me. In fact, her pregnancy was an accident. She had been taking pills to prevent pregnancy, but when she visited my father on one of his film sets, she fell ill and the medication she took for that illness thwarted the effect of the anti-pregnancy pills, and so their lovemaking during this period resulted in my life." - Elliot Rodger

Because the vampire like situation has been around for some time, vampire relationships (based on power transfer) have probably been normal for some time. As a result our parents are likely to be vampire and victim - which should provide each of us with a wealth of evidence. In Elliots case his father was clearly the vampire while his mother was the victim.

In the case of children a fundamental reorganisation of the brain occurs during adolescence. My view is that the vampire like ability to connect develops at that time, so prior to that time children are probably immune. You then have the difficulty of a new faculty emerging and it's sudden use.

In Elliot Rodgers case we see a common feature of selective breeding. Often the parents meet by accident - a result of circumstances being clearly manipulated, at other times children are born when this is not possible (Jesus Christ for example), these two circumstances can also occur together. This appears to be extraterrestrial in origin (Mother Mary in fact), and the aim seems to be to generate throwbacks, people whose brains are less susceptible to vampire leeching. The objective seems to be that these people will see what's going on and will tend to fight against it. So incompatible people are being created and often these people will have a range of other incompatibility symptoms (bad eyesight, hayfever, left-handedness etc).

The view is that Elliot Rodger was not a victim of vampire like activity - but that his immunity caused most of his problems. He was selectively bred as a renegade.

Aerial Systems:
Moses met with God on the mountain and the implication here is - to improve reception. The cortex of the brain doesn't have any aerials, nor does the skull. To link brains together requires good reception and for that you have to be high in the sky.

The obvious implication is to avoid these higher elevations. To avoid vampire like activity you would need to be under the ground. Even subways (underpasses) will provide some protection. Initially underground bunkers were built in Cities to avoid atomic bomb blasts. These were eventually abandoned as the Cities would become targets. We then saw these underground bunkers being built in the countryside. It appears that these are not for the sake of aerial attack (as such) but to avoid reception and transmission, and clearly as Cities are population centres you would have a stronger hive mind in such an area, in contrast the countryside is having a low population density and is therefore safer.

The requirement is to be underground so any anti-vampire religion would literally be an 'underground' organisation. It's also notable here that churches are often built on hills, and that the spire of the church is supposed to act as an aerial system for the congregation - clearly God is perceived to be in the sky. The Cross may also be an attempt at an aerial system, often placed on the top of the spire, and often with two crossbars pointing in opposite directions to improve transmission/reception?

Souring the Milk:
Sage as suggested (from Shamanism) but the most obvious practicality here would be fluoridation of water supplies.

"Fluoridation became an official policy of the U.S. Public Health Service by 1951, and by 1960 water fluoridation had become widely used in the U.S., reaching about 50 million people." from Wikipedia.

This has obviously been well covered up but would have been the consequence of winning the war against Germany with the obvious questions over the gassing of the Jews.

"At much higher doses and frequent exposure, fluoride causes health complications and can be toxic." from Wikipedia.

"It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain." (National Research Council, 2006)" from https://fluoridealert.org/issues/health/brain/

And from the same page:
"Fluoride’s ability to damage the brain is one of the most active areas of fluoride research today. Over 400 studies have found that fluoride is a neurotoxin (a chemical that can damage the brain). "

Yet another neurotoxin like Thujone - compulsorily administered. Oh... and apparently it's good for your teeth?

And also from the same site:
"In March of 2014, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet published a review of “developmental neurotoxicity” which concluded that fluoride is one of only 11 chemicals that is known to damage the developing brain. Developmental neurotoxins are capable of causing widespread brain disorders such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, and other cognitive impairments.  The harm is often untreatable and permanent."

So this is the effect on unborn children. It is notable that these disorders would tend to match my list of incompatabilities experienced by selectively bred people.

Fluoridation of water - is an anti-vampire technique designed to sour the milk and thereby prevent vampire like attacks on the people. Furthermore it appears that the aim is for a long term affect to change the nature of children that are born - to parents drinking the water (such as to make them more resistant). So, to knock down the cortex and prevent transmission/reception as it were.

This accounts for the reason why fluoridation is so actively promoted despite the fact that it's obviously toxic.

Finding evidence has been so easy, there's a glut. The human race is in trouble here. I think that the results of evolution are inevitable and that this effect (vampirism) is probably known to occur throughout the universe. We attract the attention of external powers both from the point of view of assistance and avoidance (Mars was sterilised for example). So, we live on a quarantined planet, with some argument as to what should be done to us. In many respects we are viewed like cannibals.

It's a lot to take in. Clearly the Government won't talk about this, but they are taking action to mitigate the effects.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

The Future

"In the 17th Century a Dutch explorer in Siberia witnessed something terrifying that only a handful of Europeans had ever seen before. During a visit to an encampment of nomadic tribal people whom the Russians generally referred to as the Tungusy, Nicholas Witsen reported being horrified by the satanic nocturnal dancing, drumming, leaping and screaming of a “Priest of the Devil” adorned in a furry costume that made him seem half-human, half-animal. This devil-priest whom Witsen said the Tungus people called a Schaman was performing a healing ritual for a sick member of the tribe. Witsen is given credit today for introducing the word “shaman” into Western culture, though earlier Russian explorers had already encountered and used the Russified version of the term (Znamenski 2003). In his 1692 book, Noord en Oost Tartaryen, Witsen also included an illustration of the Tungus Priest of the Devil as a monstrous amalgam of man and beast in an image of evil familiar to 17th- century Europeans: the lycanthrope, or werewolf."
from Chuonnasuan (Meng Jin Fu) The Last Shaman of the Oroqen of Northeast China.

This is just one example. So in general the Shaman is the Werewolf and his enemies are the Vampires etc, etc. First of all it should be clear that the Shaman and his spirits are a feature of the brain stem which is self powered, the Vampire and the monotheistic Gods are a feature of the cortex, which is powered by external brains to form a hive mind and compensatory vampirism from nearby locals (but was previously powered by the 8kHz noise from the jangles of the Tabret). Secondly it should be clear that the end result (of the move to vampirism) is extinction. The population has to double so one half can feed on the other, then a succession of halving until no one is left - except immune throwbacks. These then create the next sub-evolved generation who evolve to repeat the process, and evolution literally keeps banging it's head against a brickwall in a typical S shaped curve seen in the starvation of rats. Thirdly then, it's clear that we can't have this, however we missed the bit in the middle...

Between the brain stem, and the cortex, lies the middle layer of the brain - the limbic system. The music of Mozart and specifically the Mozart Effect - proven to be the enhancement of  "spatial-temporal reasoning" (said to be temporary but dependant on exposure), directly interacts with the temporal lobes which appear to be a part of the limbic system (although that's not very clear).

"birds, which evolved from the dinosaurs, which in turn evolved separately but around the same time as the mammals, have a well-developed limbic system" from Wikipedia.

"Birds have very small brains compared with humans. Much of the brain is occupied with the ability to fly. Very advanced learning has been observed in cockatoos, parrots, crows, songbirds and jays." from http://jonlieffmd.com/blog/vocal-learning-similarities-songbirds-humans

So, the brain stem is the Werewolf - half man half wolf, the cortex is Vampire - half man half bat, and it seems clear that we have a third player: the limbic system - half man half bird. The suggestion is that this represents the key to the future evolution of the brain and thus the continued evolution of the human race.

Half man, Half bird
Where the brain stem is the seat of Shamanism as a polytheistic religion, the cortex is the seat of Judaism/Islam/Christianity and their monotheistic religions. It is clear that the Limbic System is the seat of a 'Bird Man'(?) religion which is unknown and entirely new. It would be powered externally by music exhibiting the 'Mozart Effect' (possibly music made from small loops, modern loop music) - this could be bird song.

*I'm guessing here that in the development of the limbic system the need for an external power supply wasn't realised and therefore wasn't provided - it was never fully activated as such, so this allowed the cortex to develop and finally become dominant. In the case of the cortex it could be powered externally and the Israelite slaves accidentally found the right instrument.

Falling mid way between polytheistic and monotheistic, what we have here is like a flock of birds, a shape formed by many identical units. A multitude of the same God? In this sense the God form is itself a hive but the hive is created by one individual? Consider for example a crop formation - identical stems of wheat, but flattened to produce a single image (Satanism perhaps). So this is poly-monotheistic, one individual produces a flock of Gods.

To succeed the enhancement to the limbic system must produce a greater ability to survive than the increased thinking ability of the evolved neo-cortex (in order to become dominant). In otherwords more ability to think than a hive mind God. The view is that this increased ability to survive must be to do with flight (levitation, parkour, freerunning, gymnastics, martial arts etc).

*In reality here the increased ability to survive literally means having more children, and that would be more than the Christians, the Jews, or the Muslims. So... A) they survive using their flight (or other) ability and thus continue living so as to have more children, or B) they seduce more women as a feature of the bird like capability (using birdsong to seduce women perhaps?), or C) the God of the bird man religion acts as a match maker.

In the case of vampire relationships, it is the God that selects the couple from the congregation, to produce more vampire like children as a form of 'natural selection'. The God is the match maker (through mind reading and DNA analysis). This doesn't happen with Shamanism as far as I can tell (but it does run in families so perhaps some mechanism exists). The value of the supposed bird man religion is that some form of God would act as a match maker to create more bird like children - and with respect to relationships and the general problem (of not being a vampire!!!), this might supply an alternative solution? This God would not be Horus as that would be a polytheistic god. In general structures would need to avoid falling within the scope of the cortex and cortex based religions. You would not have congregations as that would lead to hive mind Gods, although you could have a flock of people - they would need to be moving like a mexican wave and this means you couldn't have a priest/instructor/director etc, nor could they synchronise to a beat as that would give a hive mind.

The Limbic System then becomes the dominant area of the brain causing a decline in the development of the cortex. Some trick such as increased neuron density or alternative bird like structures would account for the lack of space in the skull. The human would then evolve into some form of bird man. From the point of view of current religion this might be seem as some kind of Angel (the Mothman perhaps).

*As this would be an entirely new development only elements of information can be deduced. It's clear that this won't really happen by chance, it has to be artificially induced. The general view then is that everything that has a beginning has an end. When a species dies out it is not evolution across species, it is the failure of evolution which simply hits an end point. That this end point will always occur and that all species will therefore eventually become extinct - if allowed to develop naturally. At some point evolution must be backed off and left at some former point of development (much like the Armish). Immortality would be one solution for example, as evolution would then stagnate.

So what we have is a potentially new religion, a different kind of God, a strong bird association - the thunderbird perhaps (although we cannot just choose one). A range of practices that enhance spacial thinking - music that enhances the brain. To produce a greater ability to survive and a greater power than the existing Gods (and to replace them). To provide a future path for the evolution of the human race.

The first suggestion here is that Mozart was suffering from Tourette's syndrome and this results in disinhibition of the limbic system, which thus becomes more active, and that's a bird like part of the brain. The second suggestion here is that Mozart was inspired by bird song and in one instance composed a piece based on a melody produced by his pet starling. As the music may be derrived from his own limbic system or indeed the limbic system of a bird, it's no wonder that listening to his music results in a response from the limbic system of the brain of the listener. Presumably similar results could be produced by listening to repetitive bird song itself.

*So we have three computers in our heads. 1-Brain Stem, 2-Limbic System, 3-Cortex. If computer '2' is used to write a program - Mozarts music for example, this 'software' will only run on the same type of computer in someone elses' head. To succeed we must limit ourselves to using only software designed for the Limbic System, that system would then become activated.

In the Tarot the Limbic System may perhaps be portrayed by 15 The Devil. This would be representing the features of the limbic system, but has been identified by the Satanists as Baphomet - which was worshipped by the Knights Templar heretics and this is a sexual angle - rejected as it does not seem to suppress the cortex. From my point of view The Devil represents the non functioning limbic system. The true representation would be 14 Temperance and it's parallel is 10 The Wheel of Fortune - the three aspects of the wheel are seen as the three layers of the brain and implies revolution as other areas become dominant periodically.

Satanism might be a viable religion, and it's objection to Christianity might be an objection to vampirism but not much is known here. Clearly there is some form of religion that would be associated with the limbic system, but it's very strange (and very powerful). The first step is to activate the region and the second step would be to try to communicate with some form of God that may emerge. Some instrument able to emulate bird song would be needed, and then you would follow the approach of the Israelite slaves to develop a God?

In the case of Elliot Rodger, it appears that we do not need to change - they do (the existing culture). The population must be changed and we must change them by converting them to this new religion. Because of the nature of this new religion it should be easy to do this on the sly. If we listen to Mozart and they are present then they would listen too. If birdsong could be used to seduce women - who would know this, who would suspect it? Much like using pig pheromones to attract humans.

Pursuing the limbic system and the resultant religion, is likely to result in a range of new technologies and this is the thing to do.
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

The Pied Piper
This is an actual instance:

"In the year of 1284, on the day of Saints John and Paul on June 26, by a piper, clothed in many kinds of colours, 130 children born in Hamelin were seduced, and lost at the place of execution near the koppen." from https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/disturbing-true-story-pied-piper-hamelin-001969

This gives rise to a slight error in my reasoning. The assumption of further evolution to develop the limbic system - by having more children than other religions. In many respects the limbic system is fully evolved hence the further development of the cortex instead. What if the Pied Piper simply acquired more children by stealing them - they were already suitable as shown by their response to the birdsong produced by the Piper. His 'coat of many colours' above ties in to XIV Temperance, the tarot card.

The story was not fiction, but the rats may have been added at a later date. Presumably the children could then be influenced or taught to develop their limbic systems and then they would spread this?
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Re: Elliot Rodger: Conclusion

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