Male pattern baldness = the kiss of death

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Male pattern baldness = the kiss of death

I have a friend who's older brother used to look like Orlando Bloom. This was back when the first lord of the rings movie came out.

Anyway....needless to say he had no trouble getting women...and decent ones at that. He went through women like crazy and every girl he was with was at LEAST average if not higher. Like the women he dated ranged from 5-8 out of 10...which is REALLY do any better than that you have to be bill gates rich, a celeb, or in the top 0.00001 percent of looks.

So there was this girl that was in our circle of friends. She was an older than most of us, she was like 19-20 at the time (most of the guys in this social circle were 15-17). So anyway this girl was REALLY obsessed with my friend's older brother. She always had a boyfriend, but she would always flirt with this guy and try to get with him. But the thing is...this girl had a really long midface, like sara jessica parker, and she was fat to 185lbs. So she was like a 2.5/10 at best. I don't feel bad talking shit about her because she made fun of my looks all the time. Anyway needless to say, since this guy was getting girls that were pretty good looking he wanted nothing to do with this girl.

Then in early 2005 I noticed his hairline was receding pretty quickly. I also noticed around this time the 6-8 out of 10 girls were gone...and he was down to just average looking girls. I chalked it up to his hair loss and of course my friends all thought I was insane. "oh it has nothing to do with looks scott, you're crazy, he's just got game dawg!". Right then and there I made the prediction that he would go bald, stop getting attractive women, and settle for the 2.5 girl. EVERYONE LAUGHED AT ME

Then when I got back from the Navy and saw him for the first time since I left I noticed his crown was thinning pretty badly and his hairline got worse. Now he was with a girl that was a 3.5/10.

by 2007 his baldness went from bad to even worse. It got to the point where he had to shave his head. The last girlfriend he had was over 300lbs and she ended up leaving him. He has not gotten a girl since.

Then earlier this year he asked out the girl that was a 2.5 just as I predicted. Only now she's MUCH FATTER (like 250lbs) and shes 26 now, so she's obviously gotten less attractive. She's like a 1/10 now. SHE REJECTED HIM (the only flaw in my prediction). She told him she had a boyfriend, which was a lie. Later that day someone asked her why she rejected the guy she used to be head over heels for. She had to two words to say. Now I expected her to say something generic like "oh im over him now" or "i discovered he's not right for me" you know...something generic to cover up how superficial she is but no.....because the two words she had were simply "he's bald".

Now how did I predict these future events with 95 percent accuracy? Do I have a crystal ball? Am I psychic? Am I a time traveler from the future? No. I simply predicted the inevitable future for him. Its like seeing someone jump off a building and predicting he will hit the ground while he's still in mid-air. It didnt happen yet, but its the only possible outcome.