Opinion: How self-aware are women? How empathetic?

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Opinion: How self-aware are women? How empathetic?

(Warning...I realize this is bitch to brag).

This is an important question for me.

Firstly, fschmidt (and advanced and incels) in general - have had no luck in the femisphere. In a direct sense, no woman wanted them.

Im not sure about advanced, but Ive found that very strange in fschmidt's case.

Theory A: Femisphere women dislike intelligence etc etc - Outcome A: fschmidt is screwed.

Theory B: Femisphere women (and women in general) go for looks - Outcome B: advanced and ardia is screwed.

Me in particular because I automatically loses 3.5-5 points for being shorter than the girl.
Also Im smart.

Ergo - I should be screwed, period.

But two (good looking, taller) femisphere women have shown interest in me. Perhaps more. And this over a time adjusted period of, say, 2-3 years.

This leaves me with a strange question: Why?
Answer: No clue.

This leads to another possibility: Women go for looks, but some of them don't care that much about height (being taller).
Or another: Some femisphere women care about things like intelligence or whatever I have and are judging (subconsciously) on that criteria - but in a *positive* way.

But a more practical question is: Given that you have no idea why a woman wants you, but she does - do you trust her opinion - do you consider her self aware?

I do not mean self aware in as to why she "choose" me. But rather self aware as in she should know, at least subconsciously(?), not to pay attention to a taller man or other men, or to not lose respect for me if other people make fun of me (especially in front of her).

Or, perhaps, should I be thinking along the lines of, if she sends me clear IOIs, she already has empathy for me and that overrides other things (other men)?

(Of course if I had approached her and spend time with her I would know one way or the other, but Im "loveshy". The idea of her ignoring me/losing respect for me/others making fun/pseudobullying me/(even me having to act more submissive)/etc etc is way too much. Almost a physical pain. I avoided the whole issue, or, just as painful, auto-friendzoned myself).

So Im just asking for opinions.

Also, this goes quite to the heart of the whole CoAlpha thing - the very idea behind it is women need to be controlled. And that makes sense from a life experience of women rejecting you. But does it make sense in my case? Sure, it sounds great, and male bullying is reduced so its still very useful - but its not fundamental as when in the case of women rejecting you period, is it?
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Re: Opinion: How self-aware are women? How empathetic?

Women aren't self aware of anything. Ever notice how a middle aged woman can easily have conversations with little girls? It's because all women are overgrown children. Women are conditional, so you should never take women's standards as anything carved in stone. If you transplant a woman from a feminist society into a conservative society, shell become conservative. If you transplant a conservative woman into a feminist society she'll become feminist. 99% of women's opinions are conditional constructs that will be toppled over as soon as mounting pressures break the dam. Understanding this mechanism is crucial to handling women. This can be used against women in the case of feminism, or for women in the case of patriarchy. As soon as you learn women are completely conditional creatures, you stop trying to be the bad boy retarded thug and you start following your own values independent of women's current flavor of the week mindset.

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Re: Opinion: How self-aware are women? How empathetic?

In reply to this post by Ardia
I completely agree with Drealm, so I will try not to repeat what he said, and just fill in the gaps.

Why are men rejected?  It isn't one thing, there are always multiple ways a man can fail to meet the many criteria that women apply.  In my case, it must have been behavior.  My wife says that all my feeling are instantly visible on my face, and she must be right because she can read me perfectly.  I must have shown some feelings that drove women away, maybe too much intensity and, later, desperation.  I had a very strong sex drive when I was younger and I desperately wanted to have sex with any woman at all.  If I had lived in a society where prostitution was an accepted outlet for this need, I may have had a more normal dating life.

Do I trust my wife?  Yes because I know those factors that I need to control to make her trustworthy.  If I lived with her in a mainstream wealthy American neighborhood, I have no doubt that she would screw me over and divorce me.  I have no intention of letting this happen.

The more you dislike mainstream culture, the more CoAlpha makes sense for you.  I am probably the most extreme case, but CoAlpha should make sense for anyone who isn't satisfied with mainstream culture.  For those who are love-shy, I would point out that dates were much less stressful before feminism because sex didn't enter the equation right away.  Based on all the complaining that one sees on the web, one would think that lots of guys are good candidates for CoAlpha.  But unfortunately, modern culture seems to have also sapped the initiative needed to take action from most men.

By far the greatest benefit to be had by successfully forming a decent subculture is that the women in this subculture will be decent.  As Drealm says, women are entirely a product of their culture.  If you want good women, you must have a good culture.