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Most people deny this. They think the world is pretty much right. Injustices are rare.

MOST EVERYTHING that happens in this world right now is unjust and insane. Almost anyone in any position SHOULD NOT BE in that position.

The gods are guaranteed to fall, and IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE FOR A MEDIOCRE FUCK TO NOT BE “SUCCESSFUL” according to his own, and most of society’s mediocre standards. Which are not called “mediocre”,  ore often than not yhey are “gorgeous” and “amazing”.

People think its impossible for a genius to not be recognized at such at some point. This is empirically false. This is a fucking fallacious statement. YOU CANNOT HAVE DATA TO STATE THIS, you cannot know if you missed something, and then again, ACCORDING TO WHAT STANDARDS ONE IS SUPERIOR OR INFERIOR? What is genius and what is not, and why? IT’S PERCEPTION, not fact!

Mankind is stuck in thise perception and lacks the big picture of EXISTENCE. Most people and society suck at EXISTING. Social life and society’s structure are inconsistent with existence. They are consistent with one thing only: SURVIVAL OF THE MOST.

Society is structured so most people can survive and not die. Now listen to me well:

1) this is anti-evolutionary and makes “survival of the fittest” a thing of the past. It is unnatural. It shouldnt be this way. This creates the first most serious problem that generates all others, which is OVERPOPULATION. most people SHOULD NOT SURVIVE! The aim should NOT to fill earth with as many people as possible! Yet it seems that is the goal of everyone: THE MORE, THE MERRIER. It’s a quantity mentality that by definition destroys quality. And by definition, quality is superior to quantity of what is not of quality. The mentality in question is insane, period.
2) I think I put number two in number one already. FUCK YOU if you think that is not funny, you’re a retarded sad fuck and my life is better than yours.

There is no other option that to transcend, for the superior and quality-striving individual. Most people cannot get him, due to modern mentality that is quantity based, ignores quality, doesnt give a shit about genius and excellence but hypocritically states its intention is otherwise...

This world is NOT helping geniuses thrive at all, on the contrary, this world is based on envy and the fucking thing called EQUALITY. Most people, who are mediocre and not gifted in any way, and unnecessary and replaceable by definition, HATE anyone better than them by default. Only if the better person provides some selfish benefit for some reason, I dont know, maybe by making music you enjoy, only then they stop treating him like shit.

I refuse to make things people like even though I could easily do that, it takes me one thing: giving up the very aspects that male me stand out, the very genius. Like Michael Jackson if he were to refuse dancing for anyone, I am considered worthless in terms of proletarian productivity...because guess what, I am and that is not something I should be ashamed about. My refusal to participate in proletarian productivity is my highest virtue and the thing by which I am confident I will “gain access to Heaven” so to speak in religious terms even though I am not a member of any religion, or any group, or any collective, and this aspect again...anyone who is part of any group isnt a genius or a remarkable individual by definition. The remarkable individual is in a category of his own. IS. Not ‘is perceived by others as such’. IS.

people judge everything with their fucking limited and inaccurate metric. They think they know what is better and worse. They don’t. The result is tye times of certain mediocrity or rather abysmality we live in. Just surf around social networks and most everything you see is factually, by any standard, unprofessional and untalented creations who get thousands of likes. This would never happen before social networks. They destroyed the perception of quality of anything, they reward shittiness, they ignore professionalism, and they destroy professionalism itself. In creative fields certainly. There are artists creating decent or good work, and they can get big numbers in social media, but people are convinced those numbers are the only true metric that separate the good from the bad. IT IS NOT. People even BUY those numbers, thats how important they are to them.

Putting art in the market already devalued its mystical and romantic aka absolute and eternal wordly value. The art market and art galleries already where prostitution of art. Social media is the complete apocalypse.

Franklin, please, please comment on this. Please. You are a man of above average intelligence certainly. You have the quality of mysanthropy, you are honest, and know that most people are worthless. Tell me your thoughts on numbers, how people dont assess quality and dont even try due to something tyat they wont ariculate but is very easy: THEY LIVE IN ENVY OF THE SPECIAL AND GIFTED SOULS, or theyre brute enough to not care, yet they dominate the world and get to choose who stays and who lives. In this circumstances, the worthless multiply and gain in numbers tremendously while the best disappear.

Again, it was easy: giving uo all aspects that are too refined for people to understand, as I did for a while, and the appreciation would be almost universal. I have ‘enjoyed’ plenty of appreciation formerly. But that was never my aim. My aim is to be the BEST and most refined thing I can be. And what most people consider ‘best’. aka Rihanna and Beyonce, IS NOT BEST AT ALL.

They dont consider what is superior such. This makes my participation in that system a waste of time. It requires me to agree with the awful aesthetic of the mainstream. Then there are niches. I do have my niche. But what I see is that the mainstream is becoming the only accepted way. Are hipsters and the like not mainstream? Are they true non conformists? are they true artists just because they dress fucking stupid, rejecting anything resembling any form of normality and sanity? No. They are the worst conformists of them all.

Newer generations know only conformism. They dont have ‘anti-conformism’ or ‘rebellion to the system’ in their vocabulary. All they do is comform. They are a herd and all their thought is group thought.

Thought is dead, art is dead, culture is dead, beauty is dead. And thats a fact, that most people being ignorant tasteless uncultures fucks, do not see.

Mainstream culture is the cultural expression of immoral capitalism...its the biggest corporation swallowing anything else.

Now, it is more complicated than this. Its certainly a climate that does not encourage genius and excellence. Western culture is based on consumerism and ‘equity’. Its basically communism on a cultural and economic level. MOST RICH DO NOT DESERVE THEIR WEALTH. They are not superior souls.

It’s a fucking upside down world. As the cartoon Simpson’s implied based on REALITY, Homer gets to have a family, reproduce his worthless genes, and live in serenity. His genius brother is homeless.

ANYONE WHO THINKS THIS DOESN’T REALLY HAPPEN IS OUTSIDE OF REALITY. And most people are detached from reslity and simply don’t see it. Theit lack of awareness and realism is total. They live in delusion. Their lives are a lie. Add some honesty, truth and morality in them, and they would all die of hunger and only the geniuses would survive. Survival of the fittest. It is NOT happening at all. Today, any fucking moron can survive, and excellent people have a much harder time.