The Great Serial GHOSTBUSTERS has been totally overrun by matriarchy!

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The Great Serial GHOSTBUSTERS has been totally overrun by matriarchy!

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We all knew it was going to happen.  It's going to get worse in the next 5 years.  The matriarchy is about to openly take over because mad-men want it to rule {(as one will read below, it's completely due to men)}.  It's useless to shout about it.  Yet this is what one is forced and cornered into doing because NO ONE in the world is acting normal.

Some men may have seen 'Ghostbusters' - it was an excellent, normal all-male serial in the late 1980s that had made 1 or 2 films as well ~ the new film will have all females as the heroes ~ since all cartoons and comics and serials and films were 90% male-dominated before 1995, this sickness is sure to spread into all areas.

[~} Winston Zedmore
[~} Ray Stanz
[~} Egon Spengler
[~} Peter Venkman

These men are gone.  They are going to be replaced with females and once again, who is the one making this possible???

THE MALE DIRECTOR OF THE FILM!!!!  He openly says he wants this.  As I have repeatedly said before ~ the demented American males have made all this feminism possible because of greed and because they want to look 'different' from the rest of the world at any costs. It is only a matter of time till this sickness pervades all television in U.S.A. But this is NOT the real problem.  The problem is that this film will be shown all over the world ~ both the men and women around the world will continue to be influenced by U.S.A.'s films and U.S.A. knows this is the best way to brainwash males and females around the world into accepting feminism. The major governments around the world know this is what U.S.A. is doing on purpose and this is actually a DIRECT ATTACK upon their patriarchal cultures. It is not even not overt ~ Yet NO MAJOR GOVERNMENT will ban this film simply so that it won't annoy its master, U.S.A., because the latter will either threaten sanctions or take away all its factories and ruin the economy. There are so many things U.S.A. can do now that American companies are in every sovereign nation. This is why it's never wise for sovereign countries to become too dependent on an external nation. This is not complicated and even a 15 year-old child realises this. Hence, it is sheer greed and incompetence and cowardice by China/India/Russia and the Middle-Eastern puppet-governments!